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Market Commentary 15.08.2019

Uncertainty about the applicability of certain fertilizer (mixtures) in the spring of 2020 has brought the market to a standstill. The new fertilizer ordinance, which will mainly use urea and phosphates, is unsettling both trade and agriculture. While it has long been speculated that "normal" urea will still be used in blends, the BMLE thwarted the whole thing - even urea in fertilizer mixtures...
  • KAS: heavily reduced urea imports -> more nitrate demand
  • KAS: reasonable price compared to HS with UI
  • Ammonia: first price increases enforced
  • Phosphates: usual premium for Europe disappeared
  • Phosphates: higher demand expected in Q4 from South America
  • Phosphates: Price rally in soy allows higher P-prices
  • Phosphates: price decline stopped due to soil formation
  • Phosphates: strained margin on the producer side
  • KAS: falling urea prices in North Africa
  • KAS: high margins of producers at full production
  • Urea: possible imports of cheap Iranian goods to Europe
  • Urea: falling prices in South America, especially Brazil
  • Hemp: rising production in China
  • Phosphates: falling demand in Europe, especially Germany
  • Phosphates: new, very high production capacity in Morocco
  • Phosphates: big export pressure from China

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Fertilizer prices before the peak?

    Have the fertilizer price increases reached their peak? The fertilizer prices, which have risen since the beginning of 2021, have risen sharply again in the last 3 months. The purchase prices for KAS are traded above 620 € / t. Diammon phosphate (DAP) reaches the line of around 800 € / t. Granulated urea is hovering around $...

  • Dune resources are becoming scarcer and more expensive

    Fertilizers are becoming even scarcer and prices continue to rise. Fertilizer is becoming scarce and prices are rising. KAS costs almost € 400 / t at the German import ports at the beginning of October, AHL is traded for € 320 / t and urea prices are around € 600 / t. The cause of the extreme price increase is the rise...

  • Price explosion for fertilizers

    High price increases on the mineral fertilizer market: + 50% since the beginning of the year   Contrary to the common decline in fertilizer prices after the end of the main fertilization period in early summer, prices have risen steeply this year. Falling fertilizer prices in the summer months regularly provide...

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