ZMP Cockpit – News Summary

More wheat expected in Australia

In Australia the weather conditions for the winter crops 2019/20 were unfavorable. In many regions it was unusually long dry and hot, which partly reached into the sowing window. In winter, too little rain fell, which is why the soil moisture in some countries was below average and affected the plants in their development. Especially in New South Wales and Queensland, winter growth conditions...
  • Concern for wheat harvests in Australia and Argentina
  • Canadian barley harvest delayed
  • French wheat exports forecast 2019/20 at 4-year high
  • Great global wheat offer and supplies
  • Strong Black Sea competition
  • Supply pressure from the UK

ZMP Market Analyses

  • MARS cuts EU grain yields especially for corn

    MARS: EU crop yields averaged over 5 years - large regional differences The Agricultural Meteorological Institute of the EU Commission (MARS) has calculated on the basis of climate data in the period from 01.Aug. until 10 Sep 2019 updated the previous yield forecasts. The average yield for all cereals is...

  • USDA rates global harvests lower - grain prices have risen

    USDA: World grain supply unchanged from the previous month - lower than last year - prices are picking up The most recent estimate by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) on world grain supply delivered fewer major changes than had been expected in advance. The world harvest estimates the...

  • FAO estimates world grain harvest above previous year

    Grain prices in a period of weakness - FAO and EU-COM correct previous estimates The FAO's latest estimate of 6 September 2019 slightly corrected its July 19 forecast on world grain supply . The wheat harvest was slightly reduced, the wheat consumption increased slightly and...

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