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Correction in corn continues

Shortly before the weekend, the indicator boards on the Matif were red again. The coming front month of March recorded a loss of 3.50 euros/ton to 312.50 euros/ton. Wheat also went south in Chicago. Only the end of December still made it into the profit zone. In particular, the weak export data released by the USDA yesterday provided the bearish impetus. Around 162,500 tons of wheat were sold...
  • drought in Argentina
  • good export demand EU
  • Uncertain situation in Ukraine/Russia
  • Euro/dollar ratio
  • Favorable offers from Russia and Ukraine
  • Earnings prospects Australia and Canada
  • economic concerns
  • Extension grain corridor

ZMP Market Analyses

  • EU COM estimates lower EU grain supply in Nov-22

    Nov.-2022: EU-COM estimates EU grain production at just 268 million tons In its November issue, the EU Commission again corrected the grain supply in the internal market slightly downwards. Usable generation falls by around 8% to just 268.4 million t. The wheat harvest reaches...

  • IGC cuts world grain harvest again

    Nov. 2022: IGC cuts global grain supply again In its latest Nov. 22 issue, the International Grains Council (IGC) estimated the world grain harvest to be slightly lower than in the previous month. Global production is estimated at 2,255 million t. The IGC estimates global grain...

  • NOV.-22 USDA little corrects 2022-23 global grain supply

    Nov. 2022: USDA corrects global grain harvest 2022/23 slightly upwards compared to the previous month Monthly comparison results The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) only slightly corrected the world grain harvest 2022/23 compared to the previous month in its latest Nov 2022 edition. The...

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