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WASDE report pulls grain prices down

After the wheat contracts showed inconsistent in the middle of the week, yesterday's trading ended with heavy losses. The month before the year saw a decline from 9.50 euros / ton to 216 euros / ton. At the cash market, the market participants report that the aging goods are largely marketed. The processors have to accept surcharges, especially for short-term requirements. FranceAgriMer lowered...
  • Increasing demand
  • Reduced global wheat stocks
  • Declining acreage
  • Closing corn stocks increased
  • shortened harvest in Brazil
  • Improved weather forecasts in the USA

ZMP Market Analyses

  • USDA first harvest estimate 2021/22

    US estimate for the grain harvest 2021/22: no further price increases?

    The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has published its 1st estimate of the world grain supply in 2021/22. The first reactions were very cautious: the price increases so far should sufficiently reflect the scarcity situation. The USDA estimates the...

  • IGC: little changed April 2021 harvest estimate

    IGC: World grain harvest in 2021/22 2.8% higher than in the previous year - supply remains scarce In its April 2021 edition, the International Grain Council (IGC) estimates the global grain harvest little changed compared to the previous month, 2.8% higher to 2.287 million. t compared to the...

  • MARS with stable yield forecasts

    MARS: Yields tend to be weaker than estimated in March 2021, but over 5 annual mean comparatively low temperatures in the period from mid-March to mid-April. However, there are differences between the crops and regions in the market. Measured against the 5-year average, the grain yields are still +3.6% above...

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