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Weather determines the wheat trade

In a weekly comparison, the prices for wheat are weaker, although the prices on yesterday's Ascension Day and with the start of trading on Friday are clearly green again. Prices on the cash markets in Germany have also recently gone south. Trade between producers and collectors is reflected in low turnover. The market for bread wheat and feed wheat is generally described as calm. This applies...
  • Ukraine conflict
  • increasing global consumption
  • Drought in Europe and the southern Great Plains
  • Heatwave India
  • sluggish corn sowing in the USA
  • higher cereal acreage in Europe
  • Lockdown in China
  • Demand falls due to high prices
  • Cultivation situation in Russia
  • declining animal populations in Europe

ZMP Market Analyses

  • May 2022 COCERAL cuts grain harvest

    Coceral estimates the EU-27 grain harvest in 2022 lower at 285.6 million t (previous year 289.7 million t) In its third forecast at the end of May 2022, the umbrella organization of European grain and oilseed traders (Coceral) estimated the EU-27 grain harvest 2022 to 285.6 million t...

  • MARS cuts 2022 yield estimate

    May 2022: MARS corrects estimate of EU area yields 2022 downwards In the May 2022 issue, the EU Commission's Agrometeorological Institute (MARS) reduced the yield estimates from the previous month by 0.9%. The basis is climate data up to May 20th, 2022. After a phase of too cold and dry weather in Mar/Apr. This was followed by...

  • USDA lowers global grain supply estimate in 2022/23.

    USDA estimates global grain supply for FY 2022/23 below previous year In its May 2022 issue, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimated the world grain harvest for 2022/23 for the first time. The global production is estimated at 2,250 million t (previous year 2,280 million t). The...

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