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CBoT corn is going through price correction

In Paris there was no clear direction in wheat prices. After the courses had to give way at the start of the week, prices recovered on Tuesday. The green signs could not continue for long, so the futures posted losses on Friday. Institutional investors continued to add to their long positions during the week. In the cash market, market participants continue to be cautious due to the uncertainty...
  • Persistent, high global demand
  • Sowing conditions remain difficult
  • Rising harvest pressure
  • Strong US dollar
  • Declining global corn production

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Current harvest estimates

    Updated harvest estimates: IGC World: Wheat unchanged - Corn lower - COCERAL-EU-27: Less grain   In its latest September estimate, the International Grains Council (IGC ) forecasts a largely constant high global wheat supply with a slight increase in stocks. Weaker...

  • USDA corrects world grain harvest

    Sep 2020: USDA corrects world grain supply 2020/21 In its 4th estimate of global grain supply 2020/21, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) corrects production to 2,230 million t. This result is 2.8% above the previous year. On the consumption side, 2,211 million t or an increase of 2% are predicted. This...

  • BMEL provisional official result of the 2020 grain harvest

    BMEL: Harvest Report 2020 As of August 28, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture (BMEL), on the basis of almost 7,000 yield samples and the area surveys of the Stat. Federal Office determined a preliminary official grain harvest of 42.9 million t. This is -3.1% less than in the previous year,...

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