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Corn inventories significantly revised upwards

Global corn production is expected to be some 1.1 million tonnes, around 3.1 million tonnes larger than expected in July. The largest harvest increase of 2.5 million tonnes is seen in the Ukraine, where a total of 36.5 million tonnes are being targeted. In the US, maize sowing was significantly delayed in spring due to massive floods in the Midwest. Many market participants therefore assumed that...
  • DRV cuts harvest forecast for winter wheat
  • Precipitation slows down British harvest
  • Regional great quality differences
  • USDA raises US crop forecasts for wheat and corn
  • Great global wheat offer
  • Saudi Arabia wants to open import barriers for Russian wheat

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Brexit: 31st Oct 2019 - Contingency plans for exporters and exporters - Brexit-Stop?

    The date for the no-deal Brexit comes scary closer. Not all the powder is fired yet to avoid an unregulated GB exit with chaotic consequences. The GB parliamentarians have a duty and responsibility to spare their own country and its neighbors unnecessary disabilities. On the EU side, one holds on to the negotiated exit contract. In particular,...

  • DRV estimates harvest at 46.2 million t - yields and prices vary regionally

    DRV: German grain harvest 46.2 million t or 22% above the previous year - multi-year average The German Raiffeisenverband (DRV) estimates this year's grain harvest at a good average of 46.2 million t . Compared to the weak previous year, the result represents an increase of 22%, but compared to...

  • USDA estimate with surprise - stock market prices have fallen

    USDA: Unexpected Upvalue for the 2019 Harvest - stock prices plummeting The much- anticipated US Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimate at the start of August surprised with unexpected results. The global wheat harvest was reduced by approx. 3 million tonnes down from the previous month , but the global corn...

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