ZMP Cockpit – News Summary

Autumn sowing in Western Europe accompanied by bad weather

Rich rainfall throughout Western Europe has been slowing down both the sowing of winters and the harvest of autumn fruits for weeks. According to Céré'Obs, the grain maize harvest in France was nearly 80% completed by early November. This still leaves a fifth in the field, while 98% were vacated a year ago. The sowing of Winterungen lags there behind the usual pace behind. 67% of wheat are now...
  • Concern for wheat crops in Australia, Argentina
  • Delayed corn harvest in Europe
  • Lively EU wheat exports
  • Great global wheat offer and supplies
  • Germany's processors well supplied by the end of the year
  • Germany's corn imports are increasing

ZMP Market Analyses

  • USDA: Nov estimate of the world cereal market

    Nov.-2019: USDA confirms global wheat harvest - cuts corn harvest - less supply than last year - Stock market prices fall slightly. The latest Nov. 19 estimate of the USA's global grain harvest (USDA) yielded few changes from the previous month's results. Overall, world harvests ( ...

  • DRV: Crop harvest below average in 2019 - significant regional differences

    DRV: result of last crop estimate in 2019 below multi-year average -   The German Raiffeisenverband (DRV) comes to 45 million t in its last estimate of the German grain harvest . The result is better than in the previous year with approx. 38 million t, but still remains....

  • MARS: EU corn yields with widely disseminated results

    MARS: Corn yields in the EU with a broad range from -13 to +21% on average The EU Agricultural Meteorological Institute (MARS) estimates this year's maize yields in a wide range from -13% in Italy to + 21 % in Romania to the 5-year average. The main causes provide different regional weather...

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