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More corn from China

In its most recent publication on global wheat supply, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) made some changes from its previous month forecast. The most significant correction can be seen in global corn production. This put the USDA at 1,109 million t and thus about 6.5 million t above the previous month's estimate. The reason for this is a large increase in crops in China, where 261 around 6....
  • Substantial sowing delays in wheat in France
  • The corn harvest is still going on in the northern hemisphere
  • Lively EU wheat exports
  • Great global wheat offer and supplies
  • Germany's processors well supplied by the end of the year
  • Germany's corn imports continue to be brisk

ZMP Market Analyses

  • COCERAL estimates average EU grain harvest

    Coceral: estimates EU harvest at approx. 308 million t - + 21% in the UK to -23% in Spain In its most recent estimate, the European cereals and oilseed traders' association (COCERAL) rates the EU grain harvest at 308 million tonnes significantly lower than the EU Commission (EU-COM) with 313 million t. The differences arise...

  • USDA estimates crop change little changed - stock market prices slightly adjusted.

    USDA: Dec World Grain Estimate Positive Confirmed - Prices Slightly Changed The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has confirmed the month-on- month estimate of world grain supply with a modest gain in the previous month . The total harvest is estimated at 2,197 million t ....

  • Grain trade: Competition EU and Black Sea countries.

    Price-determining export competition between the EU and the Black Sea countries Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have in recent years expanded their grain production with growing land, but even more through higher land yields. The Russian harvests are from approx. 98 million t in 2015/16 has grown to the current...

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