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First harvest results from Australia are disappointing

The wheat contracts in Paris briefly hit a new multi-year high on Wednesday. However, profits did not last long and continued to decline over the course of the day. During yesterday's trading, the wheat contracts bobbed in calm waters without specifications from the US stock exchanges. The front month recorded a loss of 0.75 euros / ton to 305.50 euros / ton. In the cash markets, market...
  • Unsafe harvest in Australia
  • Floods / logistics problems in Canada
  • Strong global demand
  • Quiet trading on the cash market
  • Unfavorable exchange rate
  • Profit taking / technical sales

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Australia with 2nd record harvest in a row

    Dec. 2021: Australia expects a surprising record harvest The harvest delayed by rainfall in Australia is currently estimated by the local Agriculture Office at a record level of over 63 million t . After several previous years with bad harvests due to drought, a super harvest is expected for...

  • IGC corrects world grain harvest downwards

    Nov. 2021: IGC corrects world grain supply slightly downwards in 2021/22 In its November 2021 edition, the International Grain Council (IGC) estimates the global grain harvest to be 2,287 million t or 3 million t lower than in the previous month. Compared to the previous year, the result is + 3...

  • Finally, DRV estimates harvest 2021

    DRV: final harvest estimate - surprisingly high maize harvest In its final harvest estimate, the German Raiffeisen Association (DRV) corrected the result to 42.28 million t. The latest surveys on the K. maize harvest have been incorporated into this. The total harvest is rated -2.3% lower than in the previous...

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