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Processing potatoes are slowly increasing production

Little has changed in the last few days in the fundamentals of the processing potato market. The prices on the commodity futures markets can stabilize further and only note small changes in the ranges. Producers report that more and more free processed goods are finding buyers at a higher price level. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that only a few surpluses are pressing on the market. A...
  • Vaccination campaign
  • rising spot prices
  • Growing demand in industry
  • Corona pandemic
  • Little export business
  • Sufficient supply

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Veredelungskortoffeln

    (Text and graphics by Hans Jürgen Hölzmann, agricultural engineer, Meckenheim, February 21, 2020) Every year in February the buyers offer the new contracts for the bearing types for the "french raw material" such as B. Agria, Callenger and Fontane. Depending on the market situation, the conditions for fixed-price contracts change...

  • The quotes for processing potatoes

    Since the middle of November the price index for processing potatoes is listed on the EEX in Leipzig again. This index represents the average spot market quotations for goods that are free (from farm stock) the standard varieties for prompt delivery in the Western European countries. Through this index and the futures market prices, the market...

  • Market situation for processing potatoes

    The potato crop in Western Europe was completed in the last few days. The mostly weak this year qualities and yields could be harvested thus at least completely. From the individual countries, the statistical authorities so after report the estimated results that indicate a...

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