ZMP Cockpit – News Summary

Global supply continues to be subdued

(AMI) - Supply growth on the global dairy market has stalled since autumn 2018. In the wake of acute heat and drought or their subsequent consequences set the milk volumes in the major export regions of the world partly moved back below the previous year's line. This trend continued at the beginning of 2019. In the first four months of the current year, dairy products - the EU, the USA, Australia...
  • Seasonal decline in milk delivery
  • Dryness dampens roughage production
  • Export offer behavior
  • International demand benefits from higher crude oil prices
  • Quieter demand in the holiday season
  • Butter stocks at the manufacturers / dealers
  • Slowdown in global economic growth
  • Protectionism and trade barriers

ZMP Market Analyses

  • GDT action results seem to have ended the summer low

    GDT auction results of 2 July 2019 narrowly held - Butter prices continue to fall The July 1, 19 auction of the Global Dairy Trade (GDT) has largely halted the price decline of its predecessors. The average result is -0.4% for the pre-auction with slightly higher sales of 24,711 t. Compared to the months before April...

  • GDT auction with renewed discount of 3.8% with 50% higher handling volumes

    GDT auction results of 18 June 2019 fall again by -3.8% - Butter prices are melting   The 2 nd June auction of the Global Dairy Trade is delivering negative results for the third time in a row. This time it is -3.8% less for pre-auction. At first glance, the increased sales of 24,239 t are striking....

  • GDT Auction in Minus - Butter prices fell sharply

    GDT Auction of 4 June 2019 at -3.4% - Butter Prices Have Melted Much The 2-week auction of the Global Dairy Trade under the leadership of the New Zealand Dairy Fonterra delivered after months of positive results now the seasonally usual price reduction of - 3.4% for pre-auction. The result 14 days ago was...

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