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Less raw material than usual

The delivery quantities continue to rise due to the season, but still significantly less than expected. Above all, the cold temperatures and fewer dairy cows could mean that the quantities of raw materials in the coming days will not increase as much as is usual at this time of the year. Compared to the previous week, 0.8% fewer goods were delivered, compared to the previous year the quantity is...
  • Smaller delivery quantities
  • Comprehensive degrees nationally and internationally
  • Young level in the maturity camps
  • Euro / dollar exchange rate
  • Uncertainty due to the corona pandemic
  • falling butter prices in food retail

ZMP Market Analyses

  • 2nd GDT auction Jan.-2021 with strong price premiums

    GDT auction in Jan 2021: + 4.8% on average; Concentrated butter + 17.2%

    The second Jan 2021 auction of Global Dairy Trade (GDT) continues the positive upward trend in Dec 2020 with an average of + 4.8% . away. In all sectors, surcharges were achieved with a special focus on concentrated butter with unusual...

  • First GDT auction in the New Year with + 3.9%

    First GDT auction in 2021: + 3.9% on average; Butter rises even faster The first Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction in 2021 continues the positive upward trend in Dec 2020 with an average of + 3.9% . Surcharges were achieved in all sectors, with a particular focus on normal butter. With 30,313 t...

  • Penultimate GDT auction 2020 with + 4.3%

    Penultimate GDT auction in 2020: + 4.3% on average; VMP with high price surcharges The penultimate 2020 auction of Global Dairy Trade (GDT) marks an encouraging preliminary end of the year with an average of + 4.3% . Significant price surcharges were achieved in all sectors and, with one...

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