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Significantly reduced basic payment prices are indicated

The increase in milk volume did not continue in the third week of January. Compared to the second calendar week, the dairies recorded 0.3 percent less raw milk. In the first three weeks of 2023, however, a total of 4 percent more milk was served than in the first three weeks of 2022. The price of cream has recently stabilized. Skimmed milk concentrate was relatively scarce and was therefore also...
  • Demand hopes from China
  • International competitiveness partially restored
  • continued favorable euro-dollar ratio for exports
  • increasing amount of milk
  • Seasonal progression of milk yield
  • Buyers' reluctance to buy in the GM sector and industry
  • globally increasing milk supply

ZMP Market Analyses

  • 2 Jan 2023- GDT auction with an average of -0.1% to the pre-auction

    GDT Auction in Jan 2023: -0.1%

    The second Jan 2023 Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction slightly continues the previous downward trend of the pre-auction and returns -0.1% on average. Both milk fats contributed to the price reduction. The auction volume of around 31,872 t was repeatedly large. Whole milk powder (VMP)...

  • First GDT auction 2023 with -2.8%

    1st GDT Auction in Jan 2023: -2.8% - high turnover at the beginning of the year . Skimmed milk powder and butterfat delivered the decisive downward swings. The auction volume of around 33,478 t was surprisingly large. Whole milk powder (VMP) (approx. 50% auction share) more than had to give up the low...

  • Review and outlook milk market 2022 -2023

    Brief review and outlook for the global milk market 2022 - 2023 Milk production in major production and export countries at world level experienced a significant decline in the first half of 2022 . The large production areas such as the EU, USA and the oceanic countries of New Zealand and Australia have reduced...

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