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Good demand - scarce supply

Less raw milk is still being delivered than in the previous year, but the seasonal decline has slowed somewhat. As a result, spot market milk was also able to rise by 0.9 cents / kg in the federal average and is quoted by the ife Institute at 39.9 cents / kg. The price increase has continued on the concentrate markets. Cream is available again somewhat more extensively, the prices are...
  • small amount of milk
  • low stock cheese
  • increasing international powder demand
  • European goods only partially competitive
  • Comprehensive 2-G rules could lead to a decline in demand

ZMP Market Analyses

  • 1 GDT auction in Sep 21 with a significant + 4%

    GDT auction in Sep. 2021: The upward phase continues

    In the September 1st, 2021 auction of Global Dairy Trade (GDT), prices were increased by an average of + 4% . The expected upward movement continues. The surcharges for skimmed milk powder are leading. The other products also move in up mode. Butter again...

  • GDT auction finally in the plus area

    GDT auction in Aug. 2021: start of an upward phase?

    In the Aug. 2, 2021 auction of Global Dairy Trade (GDT), prices were increased by an average of + 0.3% . There is hope of an upward trend. Whole milk powder , however, remains weak. The remaining products in upward mode. Butter again with...

  • GDT auction -1% but butter with + 3.8%

    GDT auction in Aug. 2021: on average -1% weaker, but butterfats in the clear plus

    In the August 1st 2021 auction of Global Dairy Trade (GDT), prices were reduced by an average of -1%. The price decline has been continuing since mid-March 2021. The fallen prices for whole milk powder were the...

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