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EU third country exports with positive half-year results

(AMI) - In the first six months of 2019, more milk products were exported from the EU to third countries than in the same period last year. Across products, the increase in milk equivalent was around 6%. This was mainly due to the sharp rise in deliveries of skimmed milk powder. Skimmed milk powder exports grew by almost one third skimmed milk powder recorded the strongest growth among dairy...
  • Milk production decreases seasonally
  • Weather dampens export offer
  • Recovery of crude oil prices
  • Demand dampened during the holiday season
  • Butter market sufficiently supplied
  • Trade conflicts slow down the global economy
  • Increasing uncertainty regarding the design and consequences of Brexit

ZMP Market Analyses

  • GDT auction with setback - Butter prices weak - sharply higher handling volume

    GDT Auction 06 Aug.2019: Price increase Pre-auction reset - Butter weak The Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction at the beginning of Aug. 2019 could not keep the price increase of the pre-auction. On average of all products and delivery month, the result was -2.6%. However, the handling volume was with approx. 35,000 t 40% higher...

  • Brexit in the dairy sector and the back-stop

    Brexit in the dairy sector mainly affects Ireland - BackStop or not? Britain's self-sufficiency in the dairy sector has increased steadily in recent years. However, there are differences between the individual dairy products. GB's dairy industry is particularly closely...

  • USDA: Dairy Market 2019: Scarce supply of butter - relief for milk powder supply

    USDA: Milk Market Half-Yearly Report 2019 The 2019 milk market is growing at +1.4% worldwide, less than originally forecasted. The reason for this is weather-related feeding shortages in the major production and export areas. This is largely due to large production areas such as the EU with a...

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