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Requests for molded butter are increasing - milk volume continues to decline

The decrease in milk supply continues from week to week. In the reporting week, around 1 percent less raw material was offered than in the previous week. According to provisional calculations, the total annual volume at the present time is 1.1 percent lower. The picture on the raw materials markets is unchanged. Industrial cream was again able to increase slightly, skimmed milk concentrate is...
  • Development of milk yield
  • Product Availability Concentrates
  • forage supply
  • economic concerns
  • inflation
  • rising production costs
  • quiet powder demand

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Sep 2-22 GDT Auction +2%

    GDT auction in Sep. 2022: +2%

    The second Sep 2022 auction of the Global Dairy Trade (GDT) has again caused higher prices by an average of +2% after the 5-time setbacks in the past. Butterfat and whole milk powder were again the mainstays. The auction volumes are unusually low for the current season. Whole milk powder (...

  • First GDT Sept Auction 2022: +4.9%

    GDT auction in Sep. 2022: +4.9%

    The first Global Dairy Trade (GDT) Sep 2022 auction saw prices of all dairy products rise by 4.9% after the 5-time setback in the past. After the big losses in the pre-auction, butterfat and whole milk powder were the mainstays this time. Auction volumes have fallen unusually for the current...

  • GDT auction again -2.9% lower

    GDT Auction in Aug. 2022: -2.9%

    The second Aug 2022 Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction has reduced prices for all dairy products for a 5th consecutive year. Butterfat and whole milk powder had to accept the biggest price setbacks in alignment with the other prices. The auction volumes increase seasonally. Whole milk...

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