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USDA cuts crop forecast for US soy

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has made some adjustments in its August global oilseed balance forecast for 2019/20, but essentially confirms market expectations. At any rate, there were no surprises. His estimate for global soybean production has cut the USDA from 347 to 341.8 million tonnes, as expected. The reason for this is the prospect of a smaller soybean harvest in the USA (100.2...
  • Weak stock picture and lagging development of US soybeans
  • Weak EU yields and qualities
  • USDA cuts crop estimates for US soy and EU rape
  • Big rape supply from the Ukraine
  • Trade conflict between the USA and China
  • African swine plagues Chinese soybean demand

ZMP Market Analyses

  • DRV German rapeseed harvest as low as it has been for decades - rapeseed prices are picking up

    DRV confirms lowest rapeseed harvest for decades with 2.8 million t - rapeseed prices are picking up. The German Raiffeisenverband (DRV) essentially confirms its estimate of a very low German rapeseed harvest in the amount of approx . 2.9 million tonnes compared to the long-term average of...

  • USDA estimates lower oilseed production - prices are picking up

    USDA: Oilseeds harvest significantly reduced in 2019 - Soybean prices stable again - Oilseed rape on the rise The Aug. issue of the US Department of Agriculture estimates that global oilseed production is -3.4% lower than in the previous year. A significant proportion of this is due to the 5.8% lower soybean harvest. Rapeseed...

  • Oilseeds: the supply situation is less lush

    Updated oilseed crops in 2019/20: soybean globally below 350 million tonnes - EU rapeseed below 18 million tonnes The extraordinary weather developments over the past two summer months have reduced crop expectations in almost all areas. The International Grains Council (IGC) has in its latest July report again reduced the...

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