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Sharp price correction for soybean oil causes turbulence

With the weak indications from the soybean market and the deep red figures on the Winnipeg stock exchange, rapeseed prices went into the red yesterday. The front month led with a loss of EUR 14.25/ton. The February date was closed at 585.50 euros/ton. Canola contracts also went significantly south. The price correction on the soybean market dragged the oilseed down with it, and the renewed...
  • drought in Argentina
  • Import requirement oilseeds EU
  • Oilseed production in Ukraine below average
  • Uncertainty about inflation and the economy
  • Change in law in the USA on biofuel blending
  • Prospects in Brazil mediocre

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Nov-22: USDA increases oilseed crops 2022-23

    USDA estimates higher oilseed production in 2022/23 and higher consumption In its Nov 22 estimate, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) forecast the oilseed harvest for 2022/23 to be 6.8% higher than in the previous year at around 645 million t. The ending stock will increase slightly due to...

  • Oct 22: USDA confirms higher oilseed production

    USDA: Global Oilseed Production 2022-23 estimated higher again. In its latest Oct. 22 estimate, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) once again increased global oilseed production compared to the previous month. The overall result amounts to 646.6 million t (previous year 604.5 million t)....

  • EU-KOM increases rapeseed harvest 2022

    EU-KOM corrects rapeseed harvest slightly upwards: 19.3 million t In the end of September 22 issue, the EU Commission (EU-KOM) estimates the EU rapeseed harvest at 19.3 million t based on the most recently determined threshing results ( previous year around 17 million t). With unchanged average...

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