ZMP Cockpit – News Summary

Field work in the focus of the rape grower

The weak German rapeseed harvest in 2019 has brought trade to a halt in many places. Where there is little goods, the prices are observed even more closely. Producers hold back at least in Saxony and the Rhineland their not yet marketed rape parts and do not want to sell at the current price level. In the East, the rise in prices for the old crop in 2019 and the new crop in 2020 has caught...
  • Small EU rapeseed harvest
  • Crop delays for soybeans in the US
  • USDA Shortens Stocks and Harvest Forecast for US Soy
  • Declined crop expectations for soy in India
  • Brazil and Argentina catch up on soybean sowing
  • Large rape supply from the Ukraine, EU has already bought large quantities
  • Canadian export opportunities are increasing

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Frost in the US soy belt - Soybean prices are rising

    Frost reduces already low US soybean harvest expectations In the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) latest oilseeds report of Oct. 10, 2019, US soybean yields were reduced from 120 million tonnes a year earlier to 96.6 million tonnes this year. The decisive reason is the weather-related...

  • IGC: Less soy, rising prices at a relatively low level

    IGC shortens global soybean harvest 2019/20 - slightly higher consumption - soy courses attract International Grains Council (IGC) shortens in its recent September 19 edition the global soybean harvest 342.4 million tonnes. This is a decrease from the previous year of approx....

  • Higher rapeseed prices - other oilseed prices again with price weaknesses

    Rapeseed prices have risen - Scarce supply situation and robust competition prices The supply shortage in the rapeseed market is also slowly gaining ground in prices. Rapeseed is well above the € 385 / t mark on the Paris Stock Exchange. In Winnipeg...

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