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Soy and rapeseed in the red

The soaring in rapeseed now seems to have ended in the long term. The prices collapsed yesterday by more than 20 euros per ton. The growth conditions in Europe are predominantly positive, the stocks make a good impression. In its June harvest estimate, the German Raiffeisen Association (DRV) raised the yield forecast for winter rape. Instead of the 36.3 dt / ha (May estimate), the forecast is now...
  • Good export demand
  • Import requirement for rapeseed EU
  • Good portfolio development
  • Earning potential in Germany
  • Weather development in US growing areas
  • good forecasts for Canada and Australia

ZMP Market Analyses

  • DRV estimates the rapeseed harvest at 3.67 million t

    DRV estimates the rapeseed harvest in 2021 at 3.67 million t - harvest quantities significantly below previous figures   In its 4th edition, the German Raiffeisen Association (DRV) estimates the German rapeseed harvest to be 3.67 million t, somewhat higher than in the previous month. The...

  • USDA estimates little change in oilseed supply in 2021/22

    USDA estimates higher oilseed production in 2021/22 and even higher consumption In its June estimate, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has increased the oilseed harvest in 2021/22 by 5.4% to around 633 million t (previous year 600.5 million t ) forecast. Consumption should increase to a lesser extent....

  • May 2021 harvest estimates for rapeseed

    Current estimates for the rapeseed harvest in 2021 In its latest May issue, the umbrella association of European grain and oilseed traders estimates the EU-27 rapeseed harvest in 2021 at 16.65 million t (previous year 16.12 million t). Higher acreage and slightly higher yields are the decisive factors. However...

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