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Soy before WASDE under pressure

In the course of the week, the soybeans at the CBoT were able to increase. However, yesterday Thursday they lost double digits. The soy market is currently volatile and with the publication of the September WASDE this Friday, the market is likely to remain volatile. The weather outlook in the growing areas was decent during the growing and ripening periods. Accordingly, the majority of the market...
  • World market demand for soy
  • Canola harvest amount Canada
  • EU harvest volume
  • Import requirements
  • Weather conditions Brazil
  • Weather conditions USA
  • improved soy yield estimates
  • Faltering export shipments in the USA (hurricanes)
  • beginning soybean harvest USA

ZMP Market Analyses

  • USDA: Stable oilseed market - rapeseed remains scarce

    Oilseeds market: Improved situation in the oilseed market, but rapeseed remains scarce and expensive The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has increased global oilseed production slightly compared to the previous month in its latest September estimate. Compared to the previous year, however,...

  • Canada has a catastrophic rapeseed harvest

    StatsCan: Canada's 2021 rapeseed harvest will fall 25% year-on-year. The latest Canadian rapeseed harvest estimate is 14.7 million t or around 25% worse than in the already weak previous year. In the previous month's forecast, 16 million t were assumed. For comparison: in the peak year 2017/18, around 22...

  • German rapeseed harvest at 3.5 million t at the previous year's level

    BMEL, DRV, DBV almost unanimously estimate the German rapeseed harvest in 2021 at 3.5 million t.The German rapeseed harvest is estimated by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture (BMEL), the German Raiffeisen Association (DRV) and the German Farmers Association (DBV) with insignificant deviations on the order of 3, 5 million tons...

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