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Raps continues to claim 400 euros

By the middle of the week, the rapeseed contracts in Paris could not escape the weak guidelines and gave in uniformly. Rapeseed prices ended yesterday's trading with mixed signs. A lack of specifications from the USA put the market under pressure. In the meantime, many farmers in Germany have now sold their rapeseed harvest. Only smaller excess quantities are still looking for buyers on the...
  • Global demand
  • Difficult growing conditions in Brazil and Argentina
  • Possible corona vaccine
  • Corona pandemic
  • Weak US dollar
  • Global economic situation

ZMP Market Analyses

  • IGC cuts global soy production - price increases

    Soybeans: IGC reduces global harvest by 5 million t to 365 million t   The International Grain Council (IGC) estimates the global soybean harvest to be just 365 million t. In particular, the US harvest will be cut by 2.5 million t and the Argentinian result by 1.8 million t. EU production is...

  • USDA cuts oilseeds in 2020/21 - fewer soy and sunflowers

    USDA cuts oilseed production again in 2020/21 - even fewer soy and sunflowers In its Nov. 20 estimate, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) put the global oilseed harvest in 2020/21 down by 8 million t to 597 million t. The final stock drops...

  • IGC estimates the global soybean harvest to be somewhat lower

    Oct estimate: IGC corrects soybean harvest 2020/21 slightly downwards The International Grains Council (IGC) estimates the soybean harvest for the 2020/21 marketing year to be only 370 million t (previous month 372.5 million t.). Compared to the weak previous year, the increase is approx. 32...

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