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Oilseed prices remain volatile

In the calendar month of November, which has now ended, rapeseed prices were able to increase despite high volatility. Yesterday the February contract closed at 450.75 euros/t, on November 1st it was still trading at 440.25 euros and rapeseed is also looking firmer as the week is now coming to an end. Trading remains manageable on the cash markets. At best, very short-term requirements are being...
  • late sowing in Brazil
  • missing quantities of soybean meal from the last harvest in Argentina
  • high demand from China
  • sometimes difficult growing conditions in the southern hemisphere
  • global soy production expectations
  • Soybean harvest in the USA almost complete
  • EU harvest forecasts increased

ZMP Market Analyses

  • IGC. Soybean market at record levels in 2023-24

    Above-average supply of soybean market The IGC estimates global soybean production at a record high of 395 million t. Brazil played a decisive role in this with an increased harvest of 155 million t (previous year 126.5 million t). The new harvest due in spring 2024 is even estimated at 160...

  • USDA estimates global oilseed production higher

    The USDA estimates global oilseed production in 2023/24 to be around 4.8% higher than in the previous year. The increasing soy production , with an increase of +7.6%, and the sunflower harvest, with an increase of +8.8%, played a significant role in this. In contrast, the global ...

  • USDA estimates oilseeds slightly lower in Oct-23

    Oct. 2023: USDA corrects previous month's oilseed estimate downwards, but above previous year In its monthly estimate of the global oilseed market, the USDA reduces its forecasts for individual oilseed crops by a total of 1.5 million t to 659 million t. The biggest decline compared to the previous month is in soybean production...

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