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Oil prices pull vegetable oils down

The rape prices turned vigorously into the red area yesterday. Weaker vegetable oil prices are primarily responsible for this, but new political tensions between Canada and China are also weighing on Canola and are also dragging down rapeseed prices in Germany. Palm oil went trading yesterday at the Kula Lumpur Stock Exchange with losses. In the first place, profit-taking is given as the reason,...
  • The EU's rapeseed needs
  • Declining crop yield forecasts
  • Demand from China
  • Weather forecasts
  • political tensions
  • stronger euro
  • Corona pandemic
  • low demand from feed manufacturers
  • decreased biofuel demand

ZMP Market Analyses

  • IGC: good average supply situation for soybeans - prices low

    IGC corrects the 2020/21 soybean downwards - good supply situation - low prices The International Grains Council (IGC) estimates the soybean harvest of the 2020/21 marketing year to be only 3.7% higher than in the weak previous year. This means that the production level is back...

  • DRV estimates German rapeseed harvest above last year

    DRV: Corrected rapeseed harvest estimate 2020 - 3.25 million t   In its latest estimate of the German rapeseed harvest, the German Raiffeisen Association (DRV) comes to 3.25 million tons. The result is approx. 15% better than last year, but remains significantly behind a 5-year average.  ...

  • USDA estimates supply situation in the oilseed market

    USDA estimates higher oilseed production in 2020/21 and even higher consumption In its May estimate, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) increased the oilseed harvest 2020/21 by 5.3% year on year to approx. 606 million t forecast. However, the final inventory will decrease...

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