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Raps finds no footing

For ten trading days in a row, rapeseed has been going downhill. Yesterday, the Paris Stock Exchange posted another loss of 9.25 euros/t for the May contract. Trading for the front month ended yesterday with a closing price of 472.25 euros/t. The May contract on the Euronext/Matif has lost 56 euros since the beginning of the month. Accordingly, the spot market prices are also significantly weaker...
  • drought in Argentina
  • rising soybean demand China expected
  • war in Ukraine
  • Market supply Europe
  • higher acreage in Germany
  • higher acreage France
  • Record harvest in Brazil

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Mar 2023: USDA corrects 2022/23 soybean crops

    USDA estimates higher oilseed production in 2022/23 and higher consumption In its March 23 oilseed estimate, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimated the global soybean harvest 2022/23 to be around 8 million t lower than in the previous month. Compared to the previous year, however, the result is 17 million t or 4.7%...

  • IGC reduces estimate for 2022/23 soybean harvest

    IGC reduces estimate of soybean harvest 2022/23 by - 6 mln t compared to previous month. In its most recent February 2023 issue, the International Grains Council (IGC) estimated the global soybean harvest at just 378 million tonnes. In January 2023, the IGC assumed 384.5 million t. But the persistent drought in...

  • USDA corrects global oilseed supply

    USDA corrects oilseeds market 2022/23 The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) updated its assessment of the global supply situation on the oilseeds market in the Feb. 2023 issue. As a result, global oilseed production is only 637 million t (previous month 642 million t). The main decline is due to a lower soybean harvest of 383...

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