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More soybeans are likely to be stored worldwide

In its most recent release, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has made only minor corrections over the previous month. Overall, around 337 million tonnes of soybeans are expected to be produced in the 2019/20 marketing year. That would be about 1 million t more than the USDA announced a month ago. Brazil accounts for the largest proportion, with a record harvest of 123 million tonnes...
  • Weak forecasts for Australian rapeseed harvest
  • US exports to China
  • Solid soya oil and soybean meal quotations
  • Soybean sowing in Brazil accelerates
  • Argentinian soybean sown

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Coceral appreciates low EU rapeseed crops

    Coceral estimates EU rapeseed harvest at 17 million t. - Reduced acreage and low yields In its most recent Dec. issue, the umbrella organization of the European grain and oilseed traders (COCERAL) has reduced the EU rapeseed harvest to approx. 17 million t estimated. The result is well below the multi-year average of 20 to 21...

  • USDA: Oil crops with a scarce supply situation - palm oil prices continue to rise

    USDA: Oilseeds 2019/20 below previous year's level - soybean prices little changed Palm oil rising The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates global oilseed production in its December issue slightly higher than in the previous month , but still remains at approx. 22 million...

  • Palm oil courses fuel oilseed market.

    Oilseeds: Rising palm oil prices as a buoyant force - OPEC decisions as reinforcement The market leader in the oil seed business Palm oil has been experiencing a strong upward phase for a good 2 months. Background is a weak harvest , which should have reached its peak in Oct.19...

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