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Plant protection 2019 characterized by the sale

In 2019, we saw for the first time how several funds were withdrawn from the market. The hope that the sales spirit could still make a bargain at the end. was quickly gone. With the possible exception of Opus Top and Capalo, the price of the other funds remained stable until the end. Why not? In the end, the industry no longer pushed into the market and everyone could see that the alternatives...
  • By eliminating various products, there are now fewer alternatives and these are also available at higher prices.
  • The industrial product portfolio is still changing. The smaller providers now have some well-known products on offer at lower prices.

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Slow rapeseed sowning slows down sales of herbicides

    Sufficient rain has not fallen anywhere where it is needed for rapeseed sowing. However, not only the weather, but also the risk of buying seeds with a stain, which may not be used next year, slows down the ordering behavior of the farmers.

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