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V price drops to €2.00/kg

Germany: V price 2.00 €/kg (range 2.00 - 2.10 €/kg) - The weekly slaughter figures have increased slightly to 953,420 pigs ( previous week 741,234) . below average; the slaughter weights were slightly increased at 96.8 kg The pre- registrations remain largely unchanged at around 250,000 pigs (previous week 252,400 ) at a low level. Increases in supply are expected in the near future.When...
  • continued weak demand
  • tendency to increase living supply
  • insufficient export
  • autumn holidays
  • Hope for low live supply

ZMP Market Analyses

  • China's pork production 2023

    2023: China Slows Pork Production Growth The US Department of State's Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) published a preview of China's 2023 pork market in its Sep 2022 issue. The Chinese data material was processed by the US embassy in Beijing, among others. Chinese pork production is expected to...

  • Pork prices: light at the end of the tunnel?

    After months of unchanged quotations under the constant pressure from house prices, the pig price rises by + 8 ct/kg within a week at the beginning of Aug.22. Has the knot now broken? Will the €2/kg mark become the lower price limit in future? Or are the expectations set too high and not supported enough? How can the current increase in pork...

  • China's Pork Market - Price Cycle Rises Again

    China: Pork prices at €4.44/kg (July 2022) China's pork market has experienced sharp fluctuations in a relatively short period of time. After the outbreak of African swine fever (ASF), the pig population fell by around 40% in 2019. Pig prices rose above 6 €/kg. Meat...

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