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Average price maintained, upper range deleted

Germany: V- price 2.25 €/ kg (range 2.25 – 2.25 €/kg)                                               The weekly slaughter numbers were higher again at 729,433 pigs ( previous week 723,913) , and the slaughter weights increased only slightly at 97.5 kg . Pre-registrations remained at a comparatively high level at 264,200 pigs (previous week 267,300) . At the ISN auction on Tue. 26.09 2023, due to a...
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  • supply tends to increase
  • seasonally weak demand

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Pig and piglet prices soon at the limit?

    Piglet and pig prices: end of the road in the foreseeable future? Pork prices are currently stagnating at €2.50/kg. Based on the 25 kg north-west listing, the piglet base price is around the average of €93. With the usual surcharges, the piglet delivered to the fattening pen also costs well over €100. The...

  • Little movement in the global pork market

    USDA: Little Movement in Global Pork Market In its latest quarterly preview of the global pork market, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) forecast little change from the Apr. 23 forecast and previous results. Pork production in selected important countries is estimated at 114.75 million t (previous year 114.39 million t)....

  • Major changes in German sow husbandry

    Sow husbandry in Germany has changed significantly. Sow husbandry forms the essential basis of pig husbandry in a country. Although imports are possible to a certain extent, they are usually only a supplementary part. In Germany, sow husbandry has declined by almost 40% over the past decade. Destocking accelerated by -22%...

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