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Pig prices with big leaps from the cellar 1.40 € / kg

Germany: Sharp price increases in Germany. The weekly battle figures are 889,410 (previous week 861,312). The slaughter weights decrease slightly to 98.3 kg. The pre-registrations are 221,500 (previous week 230,700) and indicate that the number of live offers will become scarcer in the future. The supply backlog is over. When reselling the pieces to food retailers, processors and for export, the...
  • increasingly scarce supply of life
  • decreasing utilization of slaughter capacities
  • spring-like revival in demand
  • insufficient sales in the catering sector
  • Missing third country export

ZMP Market Analyses

  • China's pork imports - Germany left behind

    Export of pork to China: Germany is left behind The China export business with pork is increasingly bypassing Germany . Of the 85% increase in Chinese imports in 2020, Germany received comparatively little with + 5%. The big winners are Spain, the USA and Brazil, with delivery...

  • US Pork Market Preview 2021

    US pork market in 2021 with little favorable price outlook. In the latest monthly issue, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) published a forecast of the US pork market for 2021. The essential basis is the determination of the pig population with the reference date December 1, 2020. For the whole of 2021, an increase in...

  • USDA Jan 21 Estimate: World Pork Production and Trade

    Jan-2021 USDA: Global pork production will rise again in 2021. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has published a new estimate of global pork production in major countries for the year 2021 in its quarterly Jan. 2021 issue. Although production remains at -8.1% down on 2018, but increased...

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