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Pig slaughterings rise in October

(AMI) - The number of pigs slaughtered nationwide increased in October in line with the season. Nevertheless, the number of the previous year was once again clearly undercut. Almost 3% less pigs were slaughtered with 4.91 million animals than in 2018. In total, around 46.0 million pigs came on the hook in the period from January to October of this year, which represents a decrease of about 3,...
  • Ordinary demand for slaughter pigs
  • Slaughterweights go back slowly
  • Extensive deliveries before the holidays
  • Trade with China is temporarily losing momentum
  • Preparations for Christmas are completed

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Competition for pork deliveries to China

    Competition for Chinese pork imports - EU ahead China will export 3 million tonnes of pork during the year 2019. Competent supplier countries are the EU, USA, Canada and Brazil. According to preliminary results, 1.95 million tonnes are expected to come from EU Member States. Germany and Spain are each with 0.5...

  • EU-COM: pork market 2020. more export - above-average prices

    EU pork market 2020: E EU-COM forecasts increasing production, falling consumption and growing exports In its latest short-term forecast , the EU Commission estimates that EU pork production in the EU will increase by +1.5% yoy. By far the...

  • 2020. Meat shortage in China - prices are rising - world meat trade is doubling

    USDA: Global pork production down 16% in 2020 - China's pork prices have doubled The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates a further decline in global pork production from 113 million tonnes in 2018 to 95 million tonnes in 2020 in the latest market report. A reduction to 106 million tonnes is predicted...

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