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Increasing relaxation of the market situation

Further improvements in the market situation are evident. Germany: The previous week's slaughter figures have already reached 854,403 pigs, a total of around 10% above the average for the previous weeks. But the average slaughter weights of 97.9 kg indicate that the supply backlog has not yet been completely overcome. When reselling the cuts to food retailers, processors and for export, the rates...
  • Increasing slaughter capacities
  • Falling pre-registrations
  • Stable part prices
  • attractive export
  • first holiday returners
  • BBQ weather
  • high slaughter weights
  • The supply backlog has not yet been overcome.
  • imminent ASP danger

ZMP Market Analyses

  • China doubles pork imports - more than half from the EU

    China doubles its pork imports - EU holds 57% The ASP-related loss of pork production in China is trying to mitigate by increasing imports. In the first half of 2020, the country imported around 3 million t of pork measured in product weight. That is approx. twice as much as in the two previous years. The...

  • OECD - FAO study: Pork market in the next decade

    OECD FAO study: Pork production and -Consumption medium term measured by the average for the years 2017-19, the current pig meat market suffered a significant setback. The cause is the African swine fever (AFP), which has led to a halving of the herd in China ,...

  • China dominates the international pork market

    USDA corrects global pork production in 2020 In the latest July report, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that global pork production in 2020 in the world's key production areas is just under 96 million t lower than in previous years. Compared to the starting year 2018 with the start of the ASP...

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