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V price unchanged at €2.15/kg

Germany: V price 2.15 €/ kg (range 2.15 – 2.20 €/kg)                                               The weekly slaughter numbers were lower again at 708,735 pigs (previous week 728,719 ), and the slaughter weights rose slightly to 97.5 kg . Pre-registrations remained largely unchanged at 246,500 pigs (previous week 245,000) . The ISN auction on Tue, February 20th 2024 brought an average of €2.30/...
  • Low battle numbers
  • low slaughter weights
  • continued low pre-registrations
  • low cold storage stocks
  • .

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Global pork production to decline in 2024

    Less pork in the world The global pork market has been severely affected over the last 5 years by the ASF outbreak in China and the subsequent rapid rebuilding of animal populations. At first, a doubling of Chinese imports caused unusual price increases, but these subsequently fell back to lower prices with an...

  • USDA estimates world meat market stable in 2024

    USDA: Global meat market stagnating in 2024 - beef stable, less pork, more chicken The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) published a preview of the global meat market in its Jan. 24 quarterly issue. In total, all major production areas are not expected to change significantly in 2024 compared to the previous...

  • Livestock count: decline in pig population stopped for the time being.

    Livestock count from November 3rd, 2023: The decline in pig numbers has stopped for the time being. As of November 3rd, 2023, the German pig population has increased again by +1.3% compared to the May 23 count. However, it is -0.7% less year-on-year . For sows, there was only...

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