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The supply backlog is increasing

Germany: The living supply continues to increase. Prices unchanged. The slaughter numbers of the previous week rose again to 822,685 (previous week 811752), the slaughter weights are already 98.6 kg . The pre-registrations for the current week have risen considerably to 362,600 (previous week 302,900) and signal a growing supply backlog. Limited slaughter capacities and a seasonal increase in...
  • Meat sales typically high for the season
  • Resale prices without significant weaknesses
  • insufficient slaughter capacities
  • above-average increase in advance registrations
  • missing third country export
  • impending supply backlog
  • Risk of a no deal Brexit

ZMP Market Analyses

  • 2021: Less pork production, less export from the EU-27

    EU-COM preview of the pork market in 2021: less production and less export. The EU Commission (EU COM) estimates the production of pork in 2021 at 22.6 million t, which is another 1% lower than in the previous year. The decrease is the result of larger falls in production in some major Member States relative to increases in...

  • USDA predicts global pork market will rise again in 2021

    USDA estimate: global pork production will rise in 2021, China remains 23% below 2018 The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates global pork production in 2021 to be 4.4% higher than in the current year. From 2020 to 2021, production at all production sites will grow between + 9.2% in China and 0.6% in...

  • Pork market in Germany and Spain in competition

    Pork market: Spain wins - Germany loses The two big pork producers in the EU are changing their positions. So far, Germany has been at the forefront, but Spain will take first place in the future. However, a distinction must still be made between the slaughter figures and the quantities of meat...

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