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V price increases to €2.00/kg

Germany: V price 2.00 €/kg (range 2.00 – 2.03 €/kg) The weekly slaughter figures are still well below average with 733,339 pigs ( previous week 738,959 ) ; the slaughter weights remain unchanged at 96.5 kg . The advance registrations remain small at around 231,900 pigs (previous week 240,800 ). When reselling the cuts to food retailers, processors and for export, the average prices were raised by...
  • low battle numbers
  • low slaughter weight
  • falling pre-registrations
  • End of company holidays in processing industry
  • expiring holiday/holiday period
  • restrained consumption
  • insufficient third country exports
  • impending ASP danger

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Pork prices: light at the end of the tunnel?

    After months of unchanged quotations under the constant pressure from house prices, the pig price rises by + 8 ct/kg within a week at the beginning of Aug.22. Has the knot now broken? Will the €2/kg mark become the lower price limit in future? Or are the expectations set too high and not supported enough? How can the current increase in pork...

  • China's Pork Market - Price Cycle Rises Again

    China: Pork prices at €4.44/kg (July 2022) China's pork market has experienced sharp fluctuations in a relatively short period of time. After the outbreak of African swine fever (ASF), the pig population fell by around 40% in 2019. Pig prices rose above 6 €/kg. Meat...

  • May 22 -Livestock Census: Continued decline in pig numbers

    Pig census May 2022: the lowest number in 32 years The Federal Statistical Office has published the preliminary results of the livestock census of May 3rd, 2022 . Only 22.3 million pigs were counted in Germany. This is 6.2% less than the November 2021 count and even 9.8% less than May the...

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