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Prices unchanged - the impetus for price improvement is not yet strong enough

Germany: V- price unchanged at 1.20 € / kg - upward impulses still too weak   The weekly slaughter numbers have tended to fall with (previous week 836,759), the slaughter weights are also at 97.7 kg . The pre-registrations for pigs (previous week 291,800 ) have decreased significantly. This heralds a declining live supply due to the reduced piglet stalls. When reselling the pieces to food...
  • Live offer no longer so urgent
  • Pre-Christmas business with a little more dynamism
  • Third country exports remain insufficient
  • Covid-related restrictions are increasing
  • EU meat market still under sales pressure

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Pig market in China: U-turn

    Turnaround in China's pork production Around half of the world's pork is produced and consumed in China. In comparison, EU production is around 25% and the USA accounts for around 12% of global pig farming. The nationwide spread of African swine fever (ASF) in China led to a collapse in annual pork production in 2020 from the...

  • USDA Pork Market Report 2021-22

    USDA Report: The Pork Market Relaxes In 2022   Global pork production increased significantly by 11% in 2021. The main increases took place in China. With the growing Chinese self-sufficiency, imports have declined. The pig prices in China, which have fallen to less than half, have left their mark on all...

  • High beef prices - low pork prices

    Pork prices in the deep valley - beef prices in the heights - How does that fit together? At the end of Sep 2021, pig prices dropped to 1.25 € / kg (in a wide range from 1.20 to 1.30 € / kg), while at the same time the R3 bull prices fell to 4.16 € / kg in a narrow range from 4.15 to 4.21 € / kg show further...

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