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Germany is still the largest EU pig producer

(AMI) - According to the data analyzed so far for the period from January to June 2019, Germany is the number one pig producer in Europe. At a very close distance Spain follows in second place. While in Germany the number of pig herds and therefore the number of animals slaughtered has fallen, Spain has continued to expand pig farming. Accordingly, in the coming years, Spain should be the first...
  • Strong demand from the slaughterhouse
  • Significant demand in global trade by China
  • Supply of slaughter pigs continues below last year
  • The supply of slaughter pigs is steadily increasing, but remains manageable
  • In the meat trade higher unit prices can not be implemented

ZMP Market Analyses

  • China's largest meat buyer - Pig prices over 4 € / kg

    China rises to become the world's largest meat buyer - End of Aug 2019: Chinese pig prices at € 4.15 / kg China's 1.4 billion consumers traditionally like meat, almost 55 kg per capita and year , but most preferably 35 kg of...

  • Pig prices in the case of a hard Brexit

    What happens in the pork market when Brexit comes in 3 months? With British Prime Minister Johnson, the likelihood of a hard Brexit is growing. Although not everything is eaten as hot as it is cooked. It's going to be pretty dramatic anyway. For the pork sector, there is a high degree of interdependence between the UK and the...

  • Mercosur agreement - less critical

    Preliminary Mercosur agreement - cars against agriculture - advantages and disadvantages - excessive criticism After 20 years of negotiation, a preliminary paper of a free trade agreement with massive tariff reductions of the EU with the Mercosur countries Brazil, Argentina, Uruquay and Paraguay was submitted for ratification...

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