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Meat market under pressure - producer prices unchanged

Germany: Supply pressure on the EU meat market - prices unchanged at 1.48 € / kg. The weekly battle figures are 855,337 (previous week 869,451, previous week 803,474), still in the good midfield . The slaughter weights have fallen to 96.7 kg (-0.6 kg). The pre-registrations are still at a low level at 204,100 (previous week 209,500 , previous week 209,900). When reselling the pieces to food...
  • BBQ season, European football championship,
  • less restricted gastronomy
  • low life supply
  • declining business in China
  • oppressive meat supply in the EU internal market

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Effects of Chinese Pig Prices on Exporting Countries

    What do our pig prices have to do with China? Low battle figures in the middle of the barbecue season and the ongoing European Football Championship as well as reopened restaurants have not been able to prevent the VEZG listing from falling from -9 ct / kg to 1.48 € / kg. Even the house prices in the previous week with 1.54...

  • Global pork production in 2021 is growing slowly

    Rabobank: global pork production is growing slowly with rising prices The Dutch Rabobank forecasts a slowly increasing global pork production for the year 2021. The pace of growth is slowed by rising costs, especially for feed, losses due to diseases and uncertainties in the development of demand. In the world's largest...

  • Germany: Declining battle figures - price increases in prospect

    Germany: Fewer and fewer pig slaughtering - prices are rising The weekly slaughter figures in Germany have fallen below the line of 850,000 pigs on average between the beginning of the year and the end of May 2021. In the same period of the previous year 2020, the average was 930,000. The decline began as early...

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