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Prices stable at 1.66 ct / kg

Slaughter pig market back on a calmer path. Germany: The number of slaughters in the previous week was 779,577, taking into account a holiday, within the scope of sales. The slaughter weights remained unchanged at 97.1 kg. Pre-registrations for the current week are 232,500, 5.3% lower than in the previous week. However, a slaughter day is missing at Pentecost. The Covid-related restrictions on...
  • Relaxation in the catering sector
  • increased barbecue activities
  • moderate living offer
  • Third country exports on the rise
  • Corona Virus Limitations
  • weak sales in the internal market
  • missing slaughter day at Pentecost

ZMP Market Analyses

  • USDA: 2020 pork market outlook

    USDA: Preview of the US Pork Market The Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a corrected preview of the US pork market on May 18, 2020. The Covid19 pandemic has caused significant drops in pork production, processing and consumption. In April 2020 alone , production fell...

  • EU Commission: robust EU pork market 2020 with high price level

    EU-KOM Short Term Outlook: robust EU pork market 2020 In its forecast for 2020, the EU Commission (EU-COM) considers the pork market to be very resilient to the turmoil caused by the Covid19 pandemic. The forecast is based on the EU-27 figures, i.e. excluding the UK, which is considered a third...

  • USDA will reduce global pork supply in 2020

    Pork worldwide scarcer than previously thought. USDA estimates world pork production in 2020 to be even lower than at the beginning of the year The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates quarterly pork production in major production areas. The most recent study comes to a further...

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