• Ölsaaten

    Oilseed News, 08/07/2020

    2020, August 7 - 11:04
    The rapeseed courses could go into the weekend with a green sign in the last week. These continued to prevail in the first two trading days. The smaller EU harvests provide support. In the...
  • Getreide

    Grain News, 08/07/2020

    2020, August 7 - 10:48
    After the wheat prices in Paris ended inconsistently last week, the majority of the prices fell this week. The harvest work in Germany is progressing more slowly than expected. According to the...
  • Schweine

    Pig news from 08/06/2020

    2020, August 6 - 08:17

    Further improvements in the market situation are evident. Germany: The previous week's slaughter figures have already...

  • Milch

    Milk News, 08/06/2020

    2020, August 6 - 14:09
    Compared to the previous week, milk volumes continued to decrease by around 0.7% less. However, the previous year's level is exceeded by 1.3%. Above all, the coming very warm temperatures will...
  • Kartoffeln

    Potatoes news, 07/31/2020

    2020, July 31 - 13:20
    Nothing has changed so far about the late start of the season for processed potatoes. The fries and chips factories still process outdated contract goods. Production only...
  • Getreide

    Grain news, 07/31/2020

    2020, July 31 - 12:02
    During the current trading week, the wheat prices were volatile. After gaining ground in the first few trading days, red signs prevailed mid-week. On the penultimate day of trading, the wheat...
  • Ölsaaten

    Oilseed news, July 31, 2020

    2020, July 31 - 12:12
    After the rap prices ended in the red area last week, the prices recovered during the trading week and recorded slight gains except for September. Support came above all from the downward...
  • Milch

    Milk news, 07/31/2020

    2020, July 31 - 12:21

    The seasonal decrease in the quantity of milk delivered continued in the second half of July. The supply of raw materials fluctuated due to abrupt temperatures. According to the central milk...

  • Schweine

    News from 07/30/2020

    2020, July 30 - 08:19

    Slow relaxation with the pent-up supply situation Germany: slaughter capacities are increasing again. The number of slaughter last...

  • Kartoffeln

    Potatoes news, 28.07.2020

    2020, July 28 - 16:10

    The season for processed potatoes starts particularly late this year. The main reasons are the still existing stock goods from 2019, as well as the subdued demand. The processors...