• Getreide

    Cereal cockpit, 05.04.2019

    2019, April 5 - 11:45

    (AMI) - Fewer wheat and soybean crops, but more corn for the 2019 harvest and the stores are still full of soybeans. The USDA released its much-anticipated estimate for acreage...

  • Ölsaaten

    Ölsaaten Cockpit, 05.04.2019

    2019, April 5 - 11:47

    The Agricultural Office FranceAgriMer has updated its market balance estimate for 2018/19. The previous one had been created in October and needed some corrections. Above all, it shows that the...

  • Schweine

    Schweine Cockpit, 05.04.2019

    2019, April 5 - 11:51

    (AMI) - Food retailers' leaflets were dominated by steak articles in the first quarter of the new year. Be it beef or pork, steaks and schnitzel were advertised much more intensively than in the...

  • Kartoffeln

    Kartoffeln Cockpit, 05.04.2019

    2019, April 5 - 17:59

    The experts of the NEP (European Potato Cultivation Association) represent the 5 largest potato nations in Europe. They estimate that this year's potato cultivation area will grow by 1 to 2% to...

  • Milch

    Milk cockpit, 29.03.2019

    2019, March 29 - 11:41

    (AMI) - At the beginning of 2019, milk deliveries in the EU-28 were down on the previous year. According to calculations by AMI, the dairy farms delivered around 12.6 million tonnes of milk to...

  • Ölsaaten

    Oilseed cockpit, 29.03.2019

    2019, March 29 - 11:52

    In Brazil, the soybean harvest is progressing well, in Argentina it has started this week. This raises the prospect of a plentiful supply of soy in this and the upcoming season. The growing supply...

  • Schweine

    Schweine Cockpit, 29.03.2019

    2019, March 29 - 12:15

    (AMI) - Piglet revenues have risen steadily in recent weeks and months. Producers have been able to achieve higher prices almost weekly since October last year, and since the beginning of the year...

  • Getreide

    Getreide Cockpit, 29.03.2019

    2019, March 29 - 11:39

    On the barley market, Saudi Arabia's call for tenders sparked tension, although it was clear that German offers would hardly be on the list. too little free goods and too expensive. Market-...

  • Kartoffeln

    Kartoffeln Cockpit, 29.03.2019

    2019, March 29 - 18:26

    Currently, less food and seed potatoes are traded in Holland than at this date last year. The reason for this is the smaller harvest in 2018. Potatoes that are still in stock are sold as far as...

  • Ölsaaten

    Oilseed cockpit, 22.03.2019

    2019, March 22 - 11:41

    (AMI) - Rapeseed oil prices have hardly changed compared to the previous week, with 720 EUR / t fob Hamburg being asked for 1 EUR / t less. The influence of weak rapeseed rates was largely offset...