USDA: Comfortable wheat supply

In its first assessment of the global supply balance for wheat, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) expects world-wide production, rising consumption and yet higher final stocks. The world wheat harvest 2019/20 is forecast at 777.5 million t, which would be just under 46 million t more than in 2018/19. The main wheat-producing countries, such as the EU, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Russia...
  • US corn area will probably not reach the targeted size due to weather conditions
  • Drought in Europe
  • Wet in the USA
  • Unsatisfactory export business pushes courses in Chicago and Paris
  • Harvesting in the southern hemisphere bigger than expected
  • Hardly any demand on the German grain market


  • Mars. Cereal yields 2019: unfavorable in the north - better in the south

    MARS: Yields in 2019: improved prospects in the south - reduced expectations in the north The EU's Agricultural Meteorological Institute (MARS) estimates an improvement in the average crop yields in the EU from + 1 April to 14 May 2019 based on the climate data analysis 0.7% compared to...

  • Increasing Black Sea exports are influencing price formation

    International grain exports: Russia and Ukraine in first place - US and EU lose - Black Sea countries with high price influence. The heavyweights in global cereal exports have changed significantly in recent years. This also shifts the regional significance for price formation. The USA , which was still leading...

  • First USDA estimate for grain harvest 2019/20

    USDA estimates cereal harvest 2019/20 only slightly above consumption level, but higher than last year's USA's much- anticipated initial estimate for cereal production in 2019/20 is estimated at 2,203 million tonnes, or + 3.7% higher Compared to the previous year. Based on its expected use, production...

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