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Wheat continues to march upwards

At Matif it went back to profit on Wednesday and Thursday. Even shortly before the weekend, the green signs prevailed. The cool temperatures leave their mark on the fields in some regions of Germany. The plants develop more slowly and, compared to previous years, lag around 14 days in their development. According to experts, this could lead to a delayed harvest. In the coming weeks, the weather...
  • Global demand
  • Cold wave / drought in the USA
  • Frost damage in France / Germany
  • Yield forecasts worldwide
  • Political tensions USA / Russia
  • Increasing acreage

ZMP Market Analyses

  • DRV estimates the German grain harvest higher, rapeseed stable

    DRV estimates the German grain harvest in 2021 slightly higher than in the previous month In its latest April 2021 edition, the German Raiffeisen Association (DRV) raised the German grain harvest in 2021 to around 44 million t compared to the March estimate. The main reason is an increased expectation...

  • USDA corrects world grain estimate - stock market prices with nervous up and down movements

    USDA Apr. 2021- Supply balances 2020/21 for grain - hectic price reaction on the stock exchanges The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) only slightly increased the global grain supply in its April 2021 issue. Production in 2020/21 will be 2,222.7 million t; consumption is estimated at 2,245 million t. This...

  • U.S. Grow Planning and Inventories

    Surprisingly low US acreage - sharp price jumps on the stock exchanges   The results of the survey of US farmers' acreage in 2021 surprised the expectations of market participants. The prevailing assessment was that due to the current high prices, the acreage would be expanded considerably. The...

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