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Corn continues to weaken - wheat rally finished?

Looking at the courses at Euronext / Matif in the past few days, the high point of the courses seems to have been reached. Some market participants put the price development back on hamster purchases, they have now subsided and transport problems are also increasing, at least in Germany. It can be heard from the export ports that the export process runs smoothly. The EU export reports continue to...
  • Good export demand
  • weak euro
  • Export restrictions Black Sea region
  • smaller wheat acreage
  • Corona pandemic
  • Production of ethanol throttled
  • higher acreage

ZMP Market Analyses

  • IGC estimates grain supply 2020/21 on little changed Niveua

    IGC estimates global grain supply 2020/21 slightly higher than in the current marketing year . The International Grains Council (IGC) published a first cautious forecast of the supply situation in the coming grain marketing year in its March 2020 edition. However, given the corona virus...

  • MARS estimates lower earnings expectations than last year, but over 5 years comparison

    MARS estimates -1.8% lower winter grain yields - rapeseed yields +6.8% higher than last year The agricultural meteorological institute of the EU Commission (MARS) has published a 1st forecast for the expected grain and rapeseed yields in 2020 after evaluating the climate data to date. On average in the ...

  • COCERAL cuts 2020 EU grain estimate

    COCERAL cuts 2020 EU harvest estimate with a focus on France and Great Britain In its latest edition, the European umbrella association of grain and oilseed traders (COCERAL) cuts the 2020 EU grain harvest to just 301.7 million tonnes. Compared to the previous year, the result would be approx....

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