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Wheat prices are holding up

The week was characterized by volatility for wheat and corn. With positive signs, the most traded May contract on Euronext/Matif for wheat closed yesterday at 200.25 euros/t and thus above the mark from last Friday, when this contract was still quoted at 198.25 euros/t. This Friday, there are once again positive trends in wheat until the early afternoon. Corn was also able to close a little...
  • international buyers are increasingly on the market again
  • lowered corn forecast for Argentina
  • Weather in Brazil
  • Export competition from Ukraine and Russia
  • high stocks in Russia
  • increased global corn harvest forecast
  • higher US wheat harvest expected in 2024/25

ZMP Market Analyses

  • IGC updates world grain supply

    IGC estimates world grain market 2023/24 - wheat more scarce, corn better supplied In its most recent February 24 issue, the International Grain Council (IGC) assessed the world grain market according to the latest information. There have been few changes from the Jan. 24 estimate. Compared to the previous year , global...

  • USDA slightly adjusts world grain supply

    Feb. 2024: USDA slightly corrects world grain production in 2023/24 The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has updated its estimate of world grain production in 2023/24 in some points compared to the previous month. Slightly more wheat was recorded in the smaller production areas, but less corn in Brazil. Global wheat...

  • FAO reassesses world grain market 2023-24

    Feb. 2024: FAO estimates world grain supply higher in 2023/24 The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimates global production and consumption of grain and rice higher in its latest Feb. 24 issue than in Dec. 23. Forecast. Production is estimated to be +1.2% higher than the previous...

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