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Wheat prices increase

The wheat markets remain primarily shaped by the geopolitical framework. Since the beginning of the week, wheat prices have risen from 346.25 (December contract last Friday) to 352.25 euros/t. A similar, albeit not quite as clear development was evident at the CBoT. Matif Mais, on the other hand, has changed only slightly and was down 1 euro per tonne on Thursday's closing price. Tensions...
  • Ukraine conflict
  • Eur/dollar makes European wheat more competitive
  • Maize yields EU and USA
  • drought in Argentina
  • Russian harvest
  • globally better supply situation
  • Euro-dollar ratio limits US competitiveness

ZMP Market Analyses

  • EU COM corrects grain harvest downwards

    EU COM: Grain harvest partly with regionally higher and partly lower yields than expected The updated estimate of the EU grain harvest is increasingly based on actual threshing results and is therefore becoming more reliable. It turns out that the early harvest dates were only...

  • IGC estimates world grain harvest higher than last month

    IGC slightly corrects world grain harvest 2022-23 In its latest Sep. 22 issue, the International Grains Council (IGC) corrects the estimate of the world grain supply slightly better than in the previous month. Month-on- month comparisons: The grain harvest is estimated at...

  • COCERAL cuts EU-27 grain harvest to 264 million tons

    Coceral estimates EU-27 grain harvest in 2022 lower at 264.6 million t (previous year 287.7 million t ) In 2022 , the EU-27 grain harvest 2022 to 264.6 million t reduced by around 20 million t compared to the 3rd estimate (in May 22). incl. Around 288...

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