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EU export figures far back

On the Paris stock exchange, wheat prices fell slightly in the middle of the week, but recovered on yesterday's trading day and followed the guidelines of the US stock exchange. In France, the Ministry of Agriculture has reduced its forecast for the wheat harvest from 29.7 million to 29.5 million tons. In addition, the French consultancy FranceAgrimer announced that previous wheat exports outside...
  • Sowing Ukraine hindered by drought
  • rising Russian export prices
  • higher harvest expectations
  • declining wheat exports
  • beginning corn harvest
  • ASP in Germany dampens demand from the feed industry

ZMP Market Analyses

  • USDA corrects world grain harvest

    Sep 2020: USDA corrects world grain supply 2020/21 In its 4th estimate of global grain supply 2020/21, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) corrects production to 2,230 million t. This result is 2.8% above the previous year. On the consumption side, 2,211 million t or an increase of 2% are predicted. This...

  • BMEL provisional official result of the 2020 grain harvest

    BMEL: Harvest Report 2020 As of August 28, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture (BMEL), on the basis of almost 7,000 yield samples and the area surveys of the Stat. Federal Office determined a preliminary official grain harvest of 42.9 million t. This is -3.1% less than in the previous year,...

  • COCERAL reduces the EU grain harvest 2020 again

    COCERAL further reduces the EU-28 grain harvest to 295.5 million t, for the EU-27 276 million t apply. The umbrella association of European grain and oilseed traders (COCERAL) estimates the EU-28 grain harvest in its August issue -5% lower to 295.5 million t compared to the previous year. With...

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