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US cereal prices barely changed

Wheat prices on the Chicago Stock Exchange barely moved during the week. At the equivalent of 168 EUR / t, they last closed 1 EUR / t below pre-week line. The ongoing US winter wheat harvest brings new goods to the market and thus generates price pressure. According to the US Department of Agriculture USDA, the winter wheat crop in the US was 47% closed at the start of the current week, up from...
  • Development of summer crops affected by heat
  • Protein levels in western France have been low
  • Winter grain well developed despite heat and drought
  • US winter wheat harvest is progressing rapidly, inventory picture improved
  • Competition by big wheat offer from the Black Sea
  • Supply pressure from new crops from neighboring EU countries
  • High EU harvest forecasts despite heat wave at the end of June

ZMP Market Analyses

  • DRV with shortened grain estimate for Germany

    DRV: German cereals harvest lower again in 2019 - wheat and corn weaker In its most recent issue of July, the German Raiffeisen Association (DRV) once again estimated that German grain crops were 46.5 million tonnes lower than in the previous month. Compared to the long-term...

  • USDA: World grain estimate subject to change

    USDA July 2019 estimate for cereal crop 2019-20 - Limited evidence for corn   The highly anticipated July 19 estimate of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) was a disappointment, who expects a correction of the US-cultivation figures for corn for those. This will be done in the...

  • DBV estimates a below-average 47 million t grain harvest for Germany

    DBV: German grain harvest below multi-year average. In its most recent estimate, the German Farmers Association (DBV) has estimated the German grain harvest at just under 47 million t . This is the harvest amount rd . 2.3% lower than the 5-year average. With the acreage...

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