World corn stocks almost doubled

The Chinese government has once again brought its statistics up to scratch and found a lot of corn. Due to the area increases, the harvest results have been massively increased since 2017, but at the same time there are no equal corrections in the consumption figures. These figures have also included the USDA in its current supply balance, so that in November there has been a significant shift...
  • EU cereal supply small
  • Potential export countries like Canada and Australia are harder to harvest
  • Overloaded export capacities make freight from the Black Sea more expensive
  • Processors covered for the time being
  • Massive corn deliveries from abroad
  • Supply situation for wheat in the absence of export business is not as tight as expected


  • New crop estimates

    IGC: More wheat, corn unchanged; EU-COM: further reduction of the EU harvest 2018 At the end of October 2018, the International Grains Council (IGC) and the EU Commission (EU-COM) published updated estimates for the harvest results 2018/19. The IGC estimates that global wheat harvests...

  • Drought-induced unfavorable start to the grain campaign

    How to sow - so the harvest: Critical sowing conditions in large parts of Europe In its Oct. 18 issue, the Agricultural Meteorological Institute of the EU Commission (MARS) evaluated the climate data with regard to sowing and emergence conditions. In many parts of Europe, sowing time started in unusually dry...

  • MARS lowers EU grain yields

    MARS: new climate data lead to further reduction in EU area yields In its most recent August issue, the EU Agricultural Meteorological Institute (MARS) has again reduced the yield per acre of the 2018 harvest. On the basis of the climate data analysis, the EU average results are about 5% below the 5-year...

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