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Public holiday in the USA causes price correction

In Paris, the futures ended trading in the middle of the week with a red sign, but were able to break away from the weak targets of the US stock exchanges during yesterday's trading and recorded profits. Something calm has returned to the cash markets. After many flour mills had supplied themselves with goods in the last week, demand is slowly ebbing. In addition, the current high price level...
  • Global demand
  • Drought and drought in the US
  • Possible corona vaccine
  • Global economic situation
  • Corona pandemic
  • Weather change

ZMP Market Analyses

  • IGC reduces world grain harvest again

    IGC again reduces world grain harvest - less maize available In its latest Nov-20 estimate, the International Grain Council (IGC) has cut the world grain harvest by a further 7 million t to 2,219 million t compared to the previous month's results. In a year-on-year comparison with 2019, this...

  • MARS: EU oilseed rape cultivation area small critical seed stand in Russia

    MARS: Autumn sowing 2020 better than initially feared In its Nov report, the Agrometeorological Institute of the EU Commission (MARS) has put into perspective the impairments to the harvest of late fruits and the sowing of winter fruits 2020 feared in previous editions. The climate data in the period from Beg. October to mid-...

  • USDA Nov 2020 Estimate: Less Corn, Tighter World Supply

    Nov. 2020: USDA corrects world grain supply 2020/21 downwards - less corn In the November edition of global grain supply 2020/21 the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) corrects production to 2,220 million t. Although this result is 2.5% above the previous year, it is around 10 million T less than in the...

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