EU grain yields 8% higher than last year

Milder conditions prevail throughout Europe since February than usual. However, there are significant precipitation deficits in central, western and southwestern parts of the Mediterranean. These began to build up the previous year, and it will soon need rainfall to sustain the growth and development of the crops. In addition, low water reserves are reported in several regions of Portugal, Spain...
  • US wheatfields suffer from wet and cold
  • US and China are approaching in the trade dispute, US profits from more export
  • US corn area is not growing as strongly as previously announced
  • Producers are now increasingly separating from their stock
  • Domestic processors show good coverage until the end of the season
  • German market is flooded by EU goods


  • MARS estimates predominantly wheat yields over 5 years average.

    MARS estimates first wheat yields for 2019 against the background of climate data analysis In its latest issue of March, the Agricultural Meteorological Institute of the EU Commission (MARS) evaluated the climate data from February and March 2019 with regard to possible area yields. It turns out that the mild winter in many...

  • DRV: Crop estimate for Germany 47.1 million t

    DRV estimates German grain harvest to be 47.1 million tonnes or 4.1% above the 5-year average The German Raiffeisenverband (DRV) has an initial harvest estimate of 47.1 million tonnes in Germany. Measured against the 5-year average , the result should be above average by 4.1%...

  • Assessment of future crop price development

    Turnaround in wheat export trade - consequences for further price development For more than 2 years, Russian wheat exports dominated international trade, with a focus on the North African importing countries and the Middle East. The high Russian crops caused corresponding...

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