Sows stocks significantly reduced across Europe

(AMI) - The impact of the economic crisis in the EU on the existence-threatening low piglet prices in 2018 is becoming increasingly clear. For a long time, the sow farmers introduced widespread economic losses. With a time delay, a number of livestock farmers reacted and reacted with production tasks or a considerable restriction of sow stocks. This was already evident from the livestock census...
  • Small offer of slaughter pigs in Germany
  • Demand pull in global trade by China
  • Warmer temperatures could stimulate grilled meat demand
  • General uncertainty of the market due to new cases of ASP
  • In the meat trade, prices are under pressure rather than demand


  • How far is the flight of pig prices?

    1,80 € / kg- is more? In mid-May 2019, the V-prize for slaughter pigs stands at 1.80 € kg. Under normal market circumstances, such a price level does not materialize even in the May barbecue month. The barbecue weather is not particularly advantageous this year. There must be serious reasons that push a pig price to this level...

  • Russia will become a competitor in the international meat trade

    Russia's meat market: from one-tenth of an importer to a budding exporter Just 5 years ago , Russia imported between 2 and 3 million tonnes of meat . The main imports were beef and pork but also poultry. Most of the supplies came from nearby EU countries . Despite all efforts, it was only...

  • In 2019, China will increase meat imports three times higher than the rest of the world

    China triples its meat imports in 5 years - 20 -25% of world imports China can no longer quench its own hunger for meat from its own production. Accelerated by the current failures due to the African swine fever (ASP), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates the import requirements in 2019 at...

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