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V-price unchanged at 1.42 € kg, but range capped at the top

Germany: prices narrowed to 1.42 € / kg without a margin - live supply somewhat larger The weekly slaughter numbers rose again to 801,086 (previous week 784,896 ), as did the slaughter weights with 96.3 kg (+0.2 kg). The pre-registrations have increased with 243,000 pigs (previous week 210,700), but remain at a level that is far below average. When reselling the pieces to food retailers,...
  • persistently low live supply
  • weak seasonal domestic demand
  • Supply pressure in the EU internal meat market
  • insufficient third country export

ZMP Market Analyses

  • USDA Jul 21 estimate for global pork production

    USDA July 21 estimate: Global pork production will rise 8.6% in 2021. In its quarterly July 2021 edition, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimated global pork production in 2021 to be + 8.6% higher than in the previous year. Production is still around -6.8% behind the ASP outbreak...

  • Declining pig population

    Census May 2021: Pig population in Germany continues to decline As of May 3, 2021, 24.6 million pigs were kept in Germany. According to preliminary results, the number of pigs has fallen by 5.5% or 1.4 million animals since the last survey on November 3, 2020. The November 2020 count was strongly influenced by the traffic jam...

  • Effects of Chinese Pig Prices on Exporting Countries

    What do our pig prices have to do with China? Low battle figures in the middle of the barbecue season and the ongoing European Football Championship as well as reopened restaurants have not been able to prevent the VEZG listing from falling from -9 ct / kg to 1.48 € / kg. Even the house prices in the previous week with 1.54...

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