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Holiday-related after-effects of high meat supply depress V-price by another 4 ct / kg

Pork market: Excess supply and price pressure at the beginning of the year hold on to Germany for the time being : The holiday-related marketing problems continue at the turn of the year. The range of meat - consisting of 937,459 slaughterings and an average slaughter weight of 98.2 kg - far exceeds the seasonally weak demand. Food retailers and the processing industry only accept the urgent...
  • Reduction of the holiday-related backlog of living supplies
  • Revitalization of domestic demand
  • Continuation of pre-Christmas export quantities
  • High slaughter numbers
  • Above average slaughter weights
  • high pre-registrations
  • seasonally weak domestic and export demand

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Outlook for pork market 2020

    Globally scarce pork supply - increasing world trade - high price expectations As a result of the ASP with a particularly negative impact on the Chinese pig population, an unusually scarce supply situation on the pork market is to be expected for 2020. Compared to the last "normal year 2018", the number of...

  • Pig count from Nov 2019: 2% fewer pigs, almost 3% fewer sows

    Cattle count Nov. 2019: - 2% fewer pigs, -2.9% fewer sows compared to the previous year The preliminary results of the pig count in Nov 2019 showed a declining pig population of approx. 26 million animals, or approx. - 2% compared to the same date last year. Compared to the...

  • Review pork market 2019

    Pig market in retrospect: falling EU production - China imports - strong US growth Starting in the spring of 2019, pig prices in Germany and the entire EU will rise by approx. € 1.50 / kg to the previous peak of € 2 / kg . At first glance, one would blame only the seasonal...

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