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Average price remains at €2.38/kg - upper range increased to €2.43/kg

Germany: V price 2.38 €/kg (range 2.38 – 2.43 €/kg) The weekly slaughter figures are below average with 676,161 pigs ( previous week 639,356 due to public holidays), the slaughter weights are also lower at 97.3 kg . With 246,600 pigs (previous week 241,600), the pre-registrations remain at a comparatively reduced level. At the ISN auction on Tue, May 30th.In 2023, an average price of €2.52/kg or...
  • scarce live supply
  • low cold store inventories
  • increasing demand for meat
  • partly rising prices in neighboring countries
  • high consumer prices due to inflation

ZMP Market Analyses

  • lower pig stocks worldwide in 2023

    Growth in global pig population halted for the time being. After the ASF-related herd slump in China, global pig numbers have recovered to pre-ASF levels in 2022. For 2023, however, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates a slight decline of around 1.8% compared to the previous year. In the largest production area...

  • USDA releases new estimate of world pork production

    USDA corrects global pork production from Jan 2023 estimate In its April 2023 issue, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) corrects its Jan estimate for global pork production to 114.3 Mt (previous year 114.58 Mt). In particular, cuts were made in the EU-27, Canada and South Korea, as well as in a number of small producing...

  • EU-KOM estimates EU pork market 2023 even lower

    EU COM forecasts further decline in the pork market in 2023 In its spring edition, the EU Commission (EU COM) estimates that the EU pork market in 2023 will be even lower than in the previous year. Net production is estimated to be -5.1% lower at 21.2 million t. Within 2 years, EU production has shrunk by a...

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