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Prices remain stable -

Pork market: prices remain stable - what does the pre-Easter week bring? Germany: Despite the restrictions in shopping and consumption behavior due to the Corona epidemic, pig prices remain surprisingly stable. The battle figures dropped back to a still high 926,611 pieces . The slaughter weights, at 96.6 kg , indicate that early deliveries were included. The pre-registrations of 220,100 pigs for...
  • moderate slaughter numbers
  • unchanged low pre-registrations
  • Pre-easter business
  • increasing third country exports with clear signs
  • Pandemic-related restrictions on production and domestic sales
  • slump in Italy exports.

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Current example of a hedge deal - US pig prices

    Expectations for US pig prices for summer 2020 plummeted from € 1.65 to € 1.06 / kg. In November 2019 , the US had high price expectations for 2020 with a focus on the summer barbecue season . The term courses for the months of May to August ranged between...

  • Surprisingly high US pig stocks - price increase collapses

    Inventory from March 1st-20th in the USA: 4% more pigs The US cattle count as of March 1st-20th surprised the expectations of market experts. The total pig population was 4% higher than at the same time last year. The forecasts were only 2 to 3%. The low growth of 0.4% in sow herds compared to...

  • Rising pig population in North America

    Inventory in North America: More pigs in the USA, less in Canada Pig farming in North America has been around approx. 13% rose to almost 90 million animals. This resulted in the joint inventory at the turn of the year 2019/20 in the two neighboring countries. For comparison: 148 million pigs are largely...

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