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Price increased to €2.08/kg

Germany: V price 2.08 €/kg (range 2.05 – 2.10 €/kg) - the weekly slaughter figures are slightly higher at 741,463 pigs ( previous week 728,278 ); the slaughter weights have decreased somewhat at 97.0 kg . The pre- registrations of 236,800 pigs (previous week 245,600 ) are too small for the increasing demand. Price quotation for cuts has been discontinued.At the ISN auction on Tue, Jan 31st. In...
  • Living supply remains too small for demand
  • Demand increases on the first of the month
  • Cold store supplies are scarce
  • EU-wide price increases with few exceptions
  • Slaughter capacities are being reduced in this country

ZMP Market Analyses

  • USDA estimates higher pork production at world level

    World pork production growing in 2023 The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in its latest Jan. 23 edition increased the estimate of world pork production to +3.8% yoy. China has a significant share in this with an expected increase of +7.8% to around 55 million t. This corresponds to around 48% of world...

  • Livestock census Nov 22: large reduction in pig stocks

    Preliminary results of the livestock census The preliminary results of the livestock census of November 3, 2022 show a reduction in the pig population of -10.1% compared to the previous year's date. From May to November 2022 alone, 4.5% fewer animals were kept. In the ...

  • Status and prospects of pig farming in important EU countries

    Status and prospects of pig farming in important EU Member States With the exception of Spain, pig production in important EU Member States shows a clear decline for the years 2022 and 2023 . In Germany , the decline in stocks that has been evident for years is continuing. In...

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