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Increasing live supply - stop in third country export - prices unchanged.

Germany: The previous week's slaughter numbers rose to 876,093 pigs, while the average slaughter weight stagnated at 97.6 kg. The pre-registrations for the current week have risen from 241,400 two weeks ago to 274,200 . It can be assumed that lots will be brought forward. When reselling the cuts to food retailers, processors and for export, the average prices were kept unchanged. But parts such...
  • Increased sales trade in the EU internal market
  • Export failure in third country business
  • Increasing live supply
  • Coronavirus restrictions
  • End of barbecue activities with the beginning of autumn

ZMP Market Analyses

  • ASP and possible consequences

    ASP case in Germany: it was a matter of time. The confirmed ASP discovery of an already decayed wild boar carcass on German soil near the Polish border raises the question of future German export opportunities. A distinction must be made between EU internal market and third country trade. In the case of the EU internal...

  • China doubles pork imports - more than half from the EU

    China doubles its pork imports - EU holds 57% The ASP-related loss of pork production in China is trying to mitigate by increasing imports. In the first half of 2020, the country imported around 3 million t of pork measured in product weight. That is approx. twice as much as in the two previous years. The...

  • OECD - FAO study: Pork market in the next decade

    OECD FAO study: Pork production and -Consumption medium term measured by the average for the years 2017-19, the current pig meat market suffered a significant setback. The cause is the African swine fever (AFP), which has led to a halving of the herd in China ,...

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