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Pig slaughtering persistently below the previous year

(AMI) - Since the beginning of the year, the number of pigs slaughtered nationwide has been below the levels of the previous year month after month. This has not changed in May. Rather, the level with 22.94 million slaughtered animals was still 3.9% below 2018. In particular, animals of foreign origin came much less frequently on the hook, here the number of slaughterings decreased by almost 9%....
  • Germany-wide small supply of slaughter pigs
  • Demand pull in global trade by China
  • In the meat trade, the unit prices are under heavy pressure
  • The holiday season dampens the meat sales inland
  • The delivery stop in the Philippines is putting a strain on foreign trade

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Mercosur agreement - less critical

    Preliminary Mercosur agreement - cars against agriculture - advantages and disadvantages - excessive criticism After 20 years of negotiation, a preliminary paper of a free trade agreement with massive tariff reductions of the EU with the Mercosur countries Brazil, Argentina, Uruquay and Paraguay was submitted for ratification...

  • 3. Increase in Chinese pork prices is emerging

    ASP conditional 3rd stage of the Chinese price increase in pigs foreseeable - with what end? African swine fever (ASP) has spread since the beginning of last year, starting in China and adjacent areas. By May 2019 , a reduction of approximately 25% of Chinese pigs or sows is...

  • Germany's pig herds are shrinking

    Pigs in Germany fell by 2% - sow population by about 5% compared to the previous year Pig farming in Germany is on its way back. The most recent livestock census from the beginning of May 2019 showed a reduction of pigs by 3.7% or almost 1 million fewer animals compared to the previous year....

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