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Average price 1.23 € / kg (range 1.20 - 1.25 € / kg)

Germany: unchanged V- price 1.23 € / kg   The weekly battle figures remained comparatively high at 823,445 (previous week 668,544) due to a certain amount of catching up to do; the slaughter weights have risen to 97.5 kg (previous week 96.7 kg). After the holidays, the slaughter is usually a little higher. The pre-registrations are still low at 261,200 pigs (previous week 262,200). The reduced...
  • low pre-registrations
  • usual weak demand in January
  • still high battle numbers
  • increased slaughter weights
  • insufficient third country export

ZMP Market Analyses

  • USDA: Pork Market Preview 2022

    Jan-22 USDA Report: Pork Market 2022   According to calculations by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), global pork production is expected to have increased by + 13.5% year-on-year in 2021. The main increases took place in China with +34.4%. With the growing Chinese self-...

  • Pig prices at the beginning of 2022

    Pork market at the beginning of 2022 After the holidays between the years, meat demand is usually very restrained in the first few weeks of January. In particular, the higher quality cuts such as fillet and salmon are difficult to find in the market. In addition, the restrictions in the catering...

  • Pork market at the turn of the year 2021-22

    Pork market at the turn of the year 2021-22 The development of German pork prices in 2021 began with slaughter-related prices of 1.19 € / kg, reached the line of 1.50 € / kg in the second quarter and slipped to the level of 1 in the autumn. 20 € / kg. The reasons for the recent low price level lie in China's...

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