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Prices unchanged

Germany: V- price 2.10 €/ kg (range 2.10 – 2.10 €/kg)                                               The weekly slaughter numbers were slightly lower at 772,794 pigs ( previous week 774,019 ), and the slaughter weights fell to 98.0 kg . Pre-registrations have fallen to 258,200 pigs (previous week 265,700) . The ISN auction on Tue 28th11 2023 brought a price of €2.25/kg on average for the animals...
  • Processing business is in full swing
  • Falling slaughter weights
  • little changed battle numbers
  • Fillet pieces are becoming scarcer
  • Demand for meat still remains subdued

ZMP Market Analyses

  • USDA global meat market forecast 2024

    World market 2024: Beef and pork weaker, chicken meat gains In its quarterly forecast for 2024, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) predicts a slight decline in beef and pork worldwide, but an increase in chicken meat. Global beef production has changed only slightly for many years. The background is the...

  • EU-COM preview of the pork market in 2024

    EU-COM short-term outlook for pork market 2024: easy reconstruction In its latest forecast for 2024, the EU Commission (EU-COM) expects a slight reconstruction of EU pork production to around 21, following the sharp declines of the two previous years .2 million t. However, the result remains far behind the 2021 peak of 23.66...

  • Pig and piglet prices soon at the limit?

    Piglet and pig prices: end of the road in the foreseeable future? Pork prices are currently stagnating at €2.50/kg. Based on the 25 kg north-west listing, the piglet base price is around the average of €93. With the usual surcharges, the piglet delivered to the fattening pen also costs well over €100. The...

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