Proceeds in pig fattening are not covering full costs

(AMI) - After months of more or less stagnant pig prices, the price hikes long hoped for by growers now came. Especially in the first months of the current year, the economic situation of the mowers was difficult, higher prices are essential for cost-effective work. Nevertheless, the costs in the mast still exceed the revenues. With average benefits, it has been difficult since October to gain...
  • Supply of slaughter pigs almost nationwide small
  • Demand for global trade in China has picked up
  • Meat trading agencies fill stocks, processors work at full load
  • Noticeably fewer piglets traded and stabled
  • Uncertainty of the market by the ASP
  • Uncontrolled Brexit: Trade with UK threatens high damage to the EU


  • China urgently needs meat in 2019

    There is no meat in China - who can deliver? It is becoming increasingly obvious: African swine fever (ASP) is tearing serious gaps in pork supply in China. According to recent estimates, the production of approx. 54 million t in 2018 to 51.35 million t in the current year. Chinese pork consumption was 56 million tonnes...

  • China's pig prices skyrocketed

    Here we go! Pork prices in China shoot up: from 2.13 to 2.84 € / kg The hitherto widely spread regional pork prices in China from converted 1.42 in the surplus north to over 3 € / kg in the loss-making southeast were previously a consequence of the transport restrictions to...

  • Agricultural Outlook Forum: US pork market in a slowing boom phase

    USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum: US pork market in phasing out phase The Agricultural Outlook Forum is regularly organized by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in late February in Arlington USA; 2019 for the 95th time. This year's motto is Growing locally selling globally (produce locally...

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