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German quotation stable, significant price reductions in neighboring countries

Germany: Growing problems with meat sales in the EU internal market - prices often lower The slaughter figures of the previous week have fallen again to 808,383 (previous week 830,730), the slaughter weights remain at 99.1 kg. The pre-registrations for the current week remained unchanged at 327,800 (previous week 328,000). The bottleneck is increasingly shifting to meat sales. When reselling the...
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  • increasing meat supply
  • Despite special promotions, the demand for meat is hardly increasing
  • Slaughter capacities still too low
  • unfavorable prospects for the Christmas business
  • Export bans to third countries remain in place for the time being

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Danish pig industry under pressure

    Denmark in need The Danish pig industry has been coming under increasing pressure recently. Several factors play a decisive role:

    Pig farming was expanded considerably in 2020. As a result of the Covid pandemic, the increasing live supply is encountering restrictions at the slaughterhouses with a corresponding backlog of...
  • 2021: Less pork production, less export from the EU-27

    EU-COM preview of the pork market in 2021: less production and less export. The EU Commission (EU COM) estimates the production of pork in 2021 at 22.6 million t, which is another 1% lower than in the previous year. The decrease is the result of larger falls in production in some major Member States relative to increases in...

  • USDA predicts global pork market will rise again in 2021

    USDA estimate: global pork production will rise in 2021, China remains 23% below 2018 The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates global pork production in 2021 to be 4.4% higher than in the current year. From 2020 to 2021, production at all production sites will grow between + 9.2% in China and 0.6% in...

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