ZMP Cockpit – News Summary

Limited availability of skimmed milk powder

The amount of raw milk is somewhat larger in the first week, but does not grow as much as in the last weeks in December 2019. According to initial estimates, the previous year's amount is exceeded by 0.5%. Raw material prices are currently mixed, partly because small quantities are currently being traded. Concentrates are calm and the spot market is trading at 31.0 Ct / kg, 1.9 Ct lower than at...
  • Global demand good
  • limited availability of skimmed milk powder
  • Demand for block butter is picking up
  • Butter stocks slowly decrease
  • High export demand for EU milk products
  • increasing milk volumes in Germany in the winter months
  • currently still weak butter prices

ZMP Market Analyses

  • GDT auction from January 7th, 2020: +2.8% Basic positive trend continues

    GDT auction 07. Dec. 2020: + 2.8% significant recovery in all products The first Jan 2020 auction of the Global Dairy Trade (GDT) got off to a good start in the new year with positive results in almost all product areas. At 33,050 t, sales fell short of the pre-auctions. Skimmed milk powder and normal butter...

  • Preview of milk year 2020

    USDA: Preview of the 2020 World Milk Market The Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates in its semi-annual edition of the World Milk Market an increase in production of 1.64% for 2020 . India with a below-average +4.27, China with +2.58% and...

  • GDT auction with -5.1%; a serious setback - even milk powder weak

    GDT auction Dec 17, 2019: - 5.1% for weak butter fats also a rough setback for milk powder The second Dec. 2019 auction of the Global Dairy Trade (GDT) has the mostly positive results with an average result of -5.1% of the pre-auctions canceled. At 35,748 t, sales were down on...

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