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Milk market has a friendly start to the new year

With a few exceptions, the milk market is positive on the price side. Prices rose at all levels and made a positive start to 2022. The supply of raw milk continues to increase, as is typical of the season, and it continues to fall below the previous year's level. On the spot market for the first week of the year the ife institute quoted a federal average of 44 cents / kg, which is an increase of...
  • Milk volume below previous year
  • brisk cheese demand
  • Availability of goods
  • Uncertainties in the corona development
  • increasing milk volume, albeit below the previous year's level

ZMP Market Analyses

  • 1st GDT auction in the new year: + 0.3%

    GDT auction in January 2022: on average + 0.3%

    The 1st Jan. 2022 auction of Global Dairy Trade (GDT) closed with a slightly positive average result at the beginning of the year. Surcharges for butter and skimmed milk powder made a significant contribution to the result. The throughput volumes remained...

  • Milk market at the turn of the year 2021-22

    Market for milk and dairy products at the turn of the year 2021-22 The global rise in prices for butter and skimmed milk powder in the second half of 2021 ultimately also led to increases in milk prices. The reason for the price increases are reduced milk deliveries in the leading production areas, above all...

  • GDT auction with an average of -1.5%

    GDT auction in December 2021: on average -1.5%

    In the 2nd Dec. 2021 auction of Global Dairy Trade (GDT), the positive average result of the pre-auction was reset. The decisive factor was the poor performance in the case of whole milk powder. The other products remained in the slightly positive trend. The throughput...

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