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US exports slumped after a record year

(AMI) - US exports of dairy products were unable to maintain their high levels in 2019. Already by the end of 2018, the picture had clouded over, primarily due to the decline in sales in China, which at the time was still the third largest single market for the USA. The retaliatory measures for US customs imposed there from mid-year 2018 had a delayed effect. Although the export volume declined...
  • Milk production in the northern hemisphere decreases regionally
  • Milk case at the big exporters subdued
  • EU goods competitive in the world market
  • Recovery of crude oil prices stimulates demand
  • Uncertainties regarding Brexit are increasing
  • Protectionism and trade conflicts
  • Muted world economy

ZMP Market Analyses

  • GDT auction mid-Sep.2019 ended with +2% summer lull

    GDT Auction with +2% - MMP and Butter with Above -Average Price Increases The first Sep. 2019 Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction has set the first signs of an autumnal price increase with an average result of +2.0%. This should overcome the summer low phase. At...

  • GDTAuction with low prices in the new year 2020

    GDT Auction Remains Slightly Below Zero - Delivery Dates in Spring with Negative Results The first Aug-19 Auction of the Global Dairy Trade (GDT), with an average score of -0.4 , is not the decisive step from the seasonal one Summer valley made. Sales have increased to an unusually high...

  • GDT auction prices barely asserted - Butter weak - Milk powder stable

    GDT Auction Results Aug 20, 2019: Average -0.2% The recent Aug-19 Auction of the Global Dairy Trade (GDT) has not yet made the decisive step out of the seasonal summer low with an average score of -0.2 , Revenue has meanwhile established itself again at an unusually high 34,410 t...

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