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Seasonal decline in delivery volumes continues

The delivery quantities continued their seasonal downward trend after a short break in the past week and were 0.5% below the level of the previous week. The difference compared to the same week last year has also widened further and is now 1.7%. There were significant regional differences in the developments. The submarkets did not develop uniformly. While cream had to give way slightly, prices...
  • Delivery quantities are declining
  • Increasing demand from holiday countries
  • Internationally higher price level
  • Waiting attitude among buyers
  • Changing shopping behavior among consumers
  • Uncertainty/worries about inflation
  • summer and vacation time

ZMP Market Analyses

  • GDT auction with slight setback

    GDT Auction in Jun. 2022: -1.3%

    The second June 2022 auction of Global Dairy Trade (GDT) had to give up the average increase of the previous auction. Whole milk powder and butterfat noticeably compensated for skimmed milk powder and normal butter. The auction quantities remain seasonally low. Whole milk powder (roughly...

  • China's import of dairy products remains high: Germany and the EU are there

    China's dairy industry will depend on high imports in 2022 - Germany is part of it China's milk production is expected to increase to 38.5 million tons of cow's milk in 2022 due to a 3.2% increase in the number of cows (for comparison BR.-D. 33 million tons). This contrasts with a similar increase in consumption of almost 41...

  • May 2 GDT Auction -2.9%

    GDT Auction in May 2022: - 2.9%

    The second May 2022 Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction delivered another, but this time less sharp, drop in average auction results. Whole milk powder was particularly affected. The trading quantities are low, as is usual for the time of year. Whole milk powder (roughly 50%...

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