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Butter in demand - stock market milk values are falling significantly

The increase in the amount of milk continues. According to the first calculations, the previous year's values are exceeded by 2%. According to calculations by the ife Institute, prices on the spot market have been below the 30 Ct./kg mark for the first time since June 2019. A spot milk price of 27.3 Ct / kg is given for the 13th calendar week. At the consumer level, the massive purchases of UHT...
  • Reduction of butter stocks
  • Hamster purchases (butter, cheese, UHT milk)
  • Corona pandemic
  • global range of MMP
  • disturbed global trade
  • Worried about global recession

ZMP Market Analyses

  • GDT auction in mid-March: hamster effects and moderate restraint

    2.GDT auction in March 2020: hamster purchases in the forward dates and reluctance to buy in the following months The second March 2020 auction of the Global Dairy Trade (GDT) ended for the 4th time in a row with a strong negative average result of -3 this time , 9%...

  • first GDT auction in March 2020: a moderate minus result

    GDT auction in March 2020: comparatively moderate discounts - corona virus effect The first Mar. 20 campaign of the Global Dairy Trade (GDT) ended again with a 1.2% reduction in average prices. But measured against price cuts in other agricultural markets as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, the result is...

  • GDT auction in February-20 with -2.9% on average

    GDT auction in the red for the second time: -2.9% butter fats with strong discounts The second Feb. 20 campaign of the Global Dairy Trade ended again with a 2.9% reduction in average prices. This time the butter fats performed disproportionately poorly. At 28,181 t,...

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