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Raps plays with the 400 euro mark

Right at the beginning of the new trading week, rapeseed went south. The psychologically important mark of 400 euros was undershot on those days in the front month of August. From the middle of the week, however, the contracts were able to move north again and regain the 400 euro mark on Thursday. The closing price for the August date was 407.00 euros/t yesterday evening at the closing bell. Cash...
  • Rising pig population in China
  • Uncertainty Ukraine War
  • High import requirement EU
  • Small canola crop in Canada
  • Harvest prospects in the southern hemisphere
  • Self-sufficiency in the EU is increasing
  • Higher yield expectations for rapeseed

ZMP Market Analyses

  • EU COM estimates higher rapeseed harvest in 2023

    EU COM estimates higher rapeseed harvest in 2023, but consumption lower, rapeseed prices unstable The EU Commission (EU COM) forecasts an increasing rapeseed harvest of 20.22 million t in 2023 (previous year 19.5 million t). The decisive factors are an increasing area under cultivation and a slightly higher...

  • How are rapeseed prices developing?

    Situation on the oilseed market: How are rapeseed prices developing? After the soaring price of rapeseed caused by the war, quotations are once again approaching the multi-year average level of around €400/t. The reversal is supported by falling soybean and palm oil prices as well as weaker crude oil prices....

  • USDA: estimates higher oilseed supply in 2023-24

    USDA: Oilseed Market Preview 2023/24 – More Soy The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has published an initial forecast of the 2023/24 oilseed market. The production of all oilseeds is estimated at 671 million t (previous year 627 million t). The largest share of this falls on the global soybean market with...

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