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Soy continues upward trend

The rapeseed futures continued their rise yesterday. Above all, the low temperatures in Germany and France are increasing concerns that the yield forecasts could fall further. According to experts, the stocks have suffered significantly from the cool and lack of rain. Agritel experts expect the rapeseed acreage in France to decline to 900,000 hectares. In Winnipeg, the canola futures were also...
  • Frost damage in France
  • Weather forecasts in the USA
  • Delayed harvest / sowing in the USA
  • Political tension between the USA / Russia
  • Weak export figures
  • Harvest forecasts South America

ZMP Market Analyses

  • USDA: Global oilseed supply remains below average

    USDA Apr. 2021: Global oilseed production higher than estimated in the previous month, but short end stocks The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) increases global oilseed production to 598 million t , around 2 million t, in its latest April 2021 issue larger than estimated in the previous month. The majority...

  • Coceral estimates that the EU rapeseed harvest will be higher in 2021 than last year

    Coceral estimates the EU-28 rapeseed harvest in 2021 at around 17.7 million t. - + 3% above previous year The European umbrella association of grain and oilseed traders estimated the EU-28 rapeseed harvest at 17.7 million t (previous year 17.15 million t) in its March 2021...

  • USDA oilseeds little changed

    Mar 2021 USDA: Global oilseed production estimated broadly unchanged. In its latest March 2021 edition, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has reduced global oilseed production to 596 million t , around 1 million t higher than estimated in the previous month. The majority of the increase in concentration...

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