USDA expects small US soybean harvest

In its most recent report, the USDA publishes its first forecast for soybean supply 2019/20. Thereafter, the global soybean crop 2019/20 is expected to be about 6 million t smaller than 2018/19 at 356 million t. Although production is set to rise to a record 123 million tonnes in Brazil and slightly higher in China and Paraguay, it will fall by 11 million to 113 million tonnes in the United...
  • Global soybeans raised in 2018/19
  • Weather-related delays in US soybean sowing
  • German and French rape area reduced
  • Small EU rapeseed harvest expected
  • Trade dispute between US and China unsettled
  • Prospect of large 2019/20 soybean offer from Brazil and Argentina
  • China buys less soy due to swine fever
  • Rainfall in Western Europe improves harvest prospects for the time being


  • USDA with surprising oilseed estimates

    USDA continues to estimate high soybean harvests and rising world rapeseed harvest The latest estimate by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) for global oilseed supply showed persistently high levels of soy despite lower soybean harvests. In addition, the USDA surprised with a worldwide increase in rapeseed crops. Overall,...

  • DRV: less unfavorable German rapeseed harvest predicted

    DRV estimate for the German rapeseed harvest - less unfavorable with reservations

    In its latest issue of April, the German Raiffeisen Association (DRV) has tended to improve its unfavorable previous month's estimate of German rapeseed harvest. Instead of a decline of 13%, the result should now be only -11.6%...

  • USDA: cheap oilseed supply far beyond oilseed rape

    USDA: higher oilseed supply worldwide - high US soybeans - oilseed rape remains scarce In the latest issue of April-19, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) rated global oilseed coverage 2018/19 higher than in the previous month. The increase in production is higher than the increase in consumption. The final stocks rise by...