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Bottom line weaker: rapeseed and soybeans are falling

Rapeseed prices continue to be volatile both on the cash market and on the Matif. Even if not much has changed in the price over the week, the individual trading days nevertheless testify to a high fluctuation range for oilseed. Rapeseed fell well below the 600 euro mark several times in Paris, but was able to win it back over the course of the week. Despite the Ukraine conflict, the global...
  • Ukraine war
  • drought in Argentina
  • slower US soybean harvest
  • economic concerns
  • better supply of rapeseed and soya
  • U.S. dollar
  • Argentine export policy
  • Record acreage in Brazil

ZMP Market Analyses

  • EU-KOM increases rapeseed harvest 2022

    EU-KOM corrects rapeseed harvest slightly upwards: 19.3 million t In the end of September 22 issue, the EU Commission (EU-KOM) estimates the EU rapeseed harvest at 19.3 million t based on the most recently determined threshing results ( previous year around 17 million t). With unchanged average...

  • Coceral estimates the EU rapeseed harvest at 19.5 million tons

    Coceral estimates EU-27 rapeseed harvest 2022 higher at 19.5 million t (previous year 17.4 million t) In its 4th estimate in mid-September , the umbrella organization of European grain and oilseed traders (Coceral) 2022 the EU-27 rapeseed harvest 2022 increased to 19.5...

  • USDA estimates higher global oilseed supply - but soy lags behind

      USDA estimates higher oilseed production in 2022/23 and even higher consumption In its September 22 estimate, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) forecast the oilseed harvest for 2022/23 to be 7.1% higher than in the previous year at around 645 million t. However, the ending stock...

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