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Rapeseed downhill

Red was the color of the signs for rapeseed in the last few days of trading. The front month of February, which is about to expire, will once again lose EUR 5.50 per ton when it goes public on Friday. Yesterday, Thursday, the February contract even went down by 38.75 euros per ton. Oilseeds are a long way off from last week's € 800 mark. Canola in Canada fared no differently. The contracts for...
  • Drought south america
  • Pig population build-up in China
  • hardly any free goods (rapeseed)
  • Harvest result USA
  • announced rains Argentina
  • higher cultivation area of winter rape in Europe

ZMP Market Analyses

  • USDA cuts oilseed production in 2021/22

    USDA estimates oilseed supply lower in 2021/22. In its Jan.22 estimate, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) reduced the oilseed harvest in 2021/22 to around 619 million t (previous month 627.6 million t). However, the consumption is estimated to be slightly reduced at 526 million t. The final stock...

  • Oilseed courses soaring

    Paris: Rapeseed rates just over € 800 / t - just a flash in the pan ?! Rapeseed prices on the Paris stock exchange briefly exceeded the mark of € 800 / t. On the Winnipeg Stock Exchange in Canada, the corresponding canola prices are traded around € 710 / t. In...

  • Oilseeds at the turn of the year 2021-22

    Oilseeds (rapeseed, soybean meal) Rapeseed prices above 750 € / t on the Paris stock exchange are a clear indication of the global supply crisis for this oilseed. The main reason is the heat-related harvest disaster in Canada with a loss of 50%. The exports of the world's...

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