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Brazil is expanding soybean cultivation - Canada's canola harvest is causing sales pressure

Rapeseed changed the color of its signs several times in the week that is now coming to an end and, like this year, showed itself to be soft with high swings in one direction or the other. On a weekly basis, prices on Euronext/Matif fell. While last Friday the most traded November contract was still at 444.75 euros/t, at the closing bell yesterday Thursday it was still 439.50 euros/t. The highest...
  • high import demand from China
  • Uncertainty of delivery capability Ukraine
  • high demand for rapeseed oil in Germany
  • Global rapeseed production expected below previous year
  • declining animal populations in Europe
  • Prospects for harvest in Brazil
  • Current harvest of soybeans USA
  • Harvest pressure in Canada

ZMP Market Analyses

  • IGC estimates higher soy supply in 2023/24

    Oilseed market: high soy supply - soy prices fall significantly In its latest September 23 edition, the IGC slightly reduced global soybean production for 2023/24 compared to the previous month's estimate, but the overall result remains well above the previous year's level with an increase of almost 8%. The...

  • USDA oilseed harvest is smaller

    USDA: Oilseed market smaller than expected last month, but above previous year The USDA estimates the oilseed market at 661 million t, lower than the Aug estimate of 663.7 million t. Rapeseed and soybean production in particular is smaller. However, since consumption is also declining, the supply situation changes only...

  • USDA: Global Oilseed Supply 2023-24

    In its most recent Aug. 2023 edition, the USDA reduced the global oilseed harvest to growth of only +5.5% compared to the previous month's estimate of +8%. With the exception of the sunflower harvest, all other oilseed productions have been reduced compared to the July estimate. Soybeans have the largest market...

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