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Harvest pressure causes falling soy prices

At the Matif, the rapeseed courses closed the week consistently with losses. Prices also fell again in yesterday's trading. The front month posted a loss of € 5.50 / t to € 380.75 / t. In Chicago, the bears prevailed when it came to soy. Little by little, the soy courses are coming under pressure due to the advancing harvest. The price decline is being held back somewhat by the sustained high...
  • Persistent, high global demand
  • EU needs for rapeseed
  • Rising harvest pressure
  • Strong US dollar

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Oilseeds in an upward wind

    Oil seed market: the prices are oriented upwards. The International Grain Council estimates the global soy harvest in 2020/21 to be 372.5 million t (previous year 338 million t), somewhat lower than in the previous month. The main cause is the reduced expectations in the USA with only...

  • USDA makes minor adjustments to oilseed supply

    Oilseeds: USDA corrects oilseed harvest 2020 - soy in the USA cut back The most recent September 2020 estimate by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) showed a global oilseed harvest of 609 million t or approx. 5.7% higher than in the previous year, but slightly lower than...

  • BMEL: Rapeseed harvest report 2020 better than expected,

    BMEL: Preliminary official rapeseed harvest report 2020 - Soy courses with strong buoyancy   The Federal Ministry of Agriculture (BMEL ) has based on the cultivation surveys of the Stat. Federal Office and yield determinations on approx. 740 rapeseed fields...

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