ZMP Cockpit – News Summary

Flufenacet products as cheap as ever

As you know, competition stimulates business and that explains the long-term price reduction. In recent years, manufacturers have received various approvals and are now pushing their products into the market. While in 2017 more than 70 € for Herold SC were required, the price fell last year already below this limit. Currently the prices are around 65,00 € per liter. The price is of course highly...
  • This fall, winter cereals are sown on many areas intended for rape. The demand is thus higher than planned overall. The prices are consistently good, secure your desired product now.
  • Competition for Flufenacet products remains high. With cheap offers please pay attention to the admission requirements!

ZMP Market Analyses

  • Slow rapeseed sowning slows down sales of herbicides

    Sufficient rain has not fallen anywhere where it is needed for rapeseed sowing. However, not only the weather, but also the risk of buying seeds with a stain, which may not be used next year, slows down the ordering behavior of the farmers.

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