The price spiral upwards is not finished yet

For top-quality hard-to-cook desserts, French suppliers can earn up to € 42 / dt. In the absence of other providers, these prices are also paid. Plant potatoes are also very limited in France. Since the water reserves for the 2019 campaign are not yet replenished, the willingness is there for high prices to create, but still behave. Meanwhile, the factories are trying to get the farmers back for...
  • Hard-boiled ware potatoes of good quality very scarce
  • No overlay possibility in the following season
  • Short seedling limits cultivation
  • Belgapom quotations continue to rise
  • EEX Potato Index reflects the market and continues to rise
  • Warehouse cost surcharges can increase willingness to pay


  • The quotes for processing potatoes

    Since the middle of November the price index for processing potatoes is listed on the EEX in Leipzig again. This index represents the average spot market quotations for goods that are free (from farm stock) the standard varieties for prompt delivery in the Western European countries. Through this index and the futures market prices, the market...

  • Market situation for processing potatoes

    The potato crop in Western Europe was completed in the last few days. The mostly weak this year qualities and yields could be harvested thus at least completely. From the individual countries, the statistical authorities so after report the estimated results that indicate a...

  • The courses at the tipping point?

    On the potato futures market the courses are in recent weeks increasingly under pressure. The Rodearbeiten progressed very well until mid-October with nearly ideal conditions, so that the processors had no difficulties with the supply contract goods. The income and strength...

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