Potato export of Great Britain endangered

The AHDB (Agriculture and Horticulture Board) warned the country's potato exporters this week about the immediate consequences of a no-deal Brexit. In such a scenario, from 11:00 pm on 29 March, no potatoes will be allowed to be brought into the European Union for the time being. The EU Commission had informed the association on request that it would treat Britain as a third country without a...
  • French and British stocks are very low
  • Belgium in particular suffers from raw material shortages
  • British exports may fail in hard Brexit
  • Dutch industry is well supplied
  • Potato index is going back


  • The quotes for processing potatoes

    Since the middle of November the price index for processing potatoes is listed on the EEX in Leipzig again. This index represents the average spot market quotations for goods that are free (from farm stock) the standard varieties for prompt delivery in the Western European countries. Through this index and the futures market prices, the market...

  • Market situation for processing potatoes

    The potato crop in Western Europe was completed in the last few days. The mostly weak this year qualities and yields could be harvested thus at least completely. From the individual countries, the statistical authorities so after report the estimated results that indicate a...

  • The courses at the tipping point?

    On the potato futures market the courses are in recent weeks increasingly under pressure. The Rodearbeiten progressed very well until mid-October with nearly ideal conditions, so that the processors had no difficulties with the supply contract goods. The income and strength...

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