Weak U.S. wheat crop - the US maize is still the choice of direction.

Getreide Cockpit, 06.05.2014

  • Weak U.S. wheat crop 2014
  • Uncertainties of the wheat and corn offers in the Black Sea region
  • Uncertainties about the further development of maize sowing
  • El Nino Wetter threatens with unknown extent of southern hemisphere
  • A cheap Kornbildungs and grain filling phase is not to exclude
  • Demand for grain imports from China not as plying

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U.S. corn seeding due to weather conditions in the backlog

As of May 4, 2014, approximately 29% of the intended U.S. corn areas were ordered. This means an increase of 10 percentage points compared to the previous week, is also a considerable backlog compared to the five-year average of 42%.

Maize sowing is hampered by overnight heavy rains, which should stop KW, but then subside even mid-19th. The backlog in individual States is remarkable: there is a gap of ordered 8% to 46% in the average years in Minnesota. In Michigan, there are 3% to 25% in the multiannual mean.

On the other hand is pointed out by expert page, that the dates should be seen not as tight, because the amount of time the grain coarsening and grain ripening is crucial as the sowing date within the optimal range in August 2014.

The 20 KW is expected mostly dry weather, which could rapidly take forward ordering work.

Time is short, because the date of mid-May is optimal when lastif the crop should not damage.  The drill will be in shift changes around the clock. It is basically optimistic that in the next 20 KW quite additional can be ordered 40% of the area, which you could then be in good average.

Also the other summer crops have suffered from the wet and cold weather conditions, have not the importance of the corn area with over 65% but less than 20% by far.

In the wheat cultivation area , the drought with strong wind conditions remains the biggest problem after the stocks still not have coped with the Dewinterizing damage. According to the assessments of the mobile appraiser Group (Scouts), one must assume that the earnings ratios look so bad as last 1996. Some dare even comparing to the year 1930, the year of the drought of the century.

The stock assessments reach the lowest numbers in the upper scale values and the lower ranges of rating the highest values up to 40%.

In addition to the political and financial uncertainties in the black sea areas, the rates are further top-driven, increasingly pronounced in the wheat, somewhat restrained in the corn.

Weak U.S. wheat crop - the US maize is still the choice of direction.
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On the wheat market in 2014, a slightly tighter supply situation as a result of the weak US crop compared to the previous year is looming. To what extent other wheat growing area can afford compensation is questionable, likely with regard to Europe, with regard to the Black Sea region also in mass.

On the feed grain market is still little decided in the face of US dominance. The development direction is only herausskristallisieren in the next few months.

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