APHIS lower US corn prices

United States: excitement to poultry virus APHIS - corn courses withdrawn

In the United States, the increasing number of cases with the excited APHIS poultry virus (highly pathogenic avian influenza) the public. Chicken fattening, laying hens and Turkey fattening farms are potentially affected.  The known cases are not the production centres. It is up to a laying hen operation yet individual cases. Can not speak of a porcine spread.

The chicken fattening focused primarily in the South East of the United States, while the Turkey production started another focal point in the Midwest in Minnesota over Iowa to Arkansas.

The danger of a spread of porcine is however not to have. Fears therefore learn a high attention value because the poultry meat demand has declined significantly. In particular the export toward China has shrunk considerably. Other countries show a weak import behavior. The cause may be attributed but first and foremost on the strong dollar.   

Should however an overwhelming development in the United States spread out, importing countries with regard to disease spread will stop the import activities to the detriment of poultry meat producers .  That will likely bring significant burdens for those affected with it next to the disease itself.

The rumours about the burden of a disease could affect even domestic consumption.  

The animal feed industry looks with concern at the ongoing development. In the summer time for the spread is imminent. On the stock markets, corn prices due to feared decline in demand were withdrawn. In the soy complex also rate reactions were observed, which however quickly were superimposed on the elections and truck drivers strike in Brazil by messages from Argentina about sales restraint to Ankh.

The stock market reactions in the feed area likely to prove himself but first exaggerations.  The influence factor of the poultry sector remains too little importance compared to other price education element, to determine a price move permanently.

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