Corn and soy - competition to U.S. acreage

More soy or more corn - different opinions to future U.S. acreage Corn and soy to compete to the growing areas of the US. Normally, the soya bean is grown after corn, because this can be positive effects of crop rotation. The legume soybean leaves nitrogen in the soil and interrupts the infection chains for corn pests. When corn is made one at a time, one expects an earnings depression by an average of 10%.

Generally, you can make set the competition superiority of one to the other plant on the relation of soybean prices for corn prices . On average, the soybean plant is superior from a minimum 2,3-fach higher soybean price. From a ratio of less than 2.1 and lower economic efficiency benefits has the corn.

According to current stock quotes is a calculated current price ratio of 2.3 to 1 This is still no big security, because the courses are constantly in motion.

For the year 2016 , it is however assumed that approximately 15 to 25% lower fertilizer prices can fall out. That could be decisive for the fertilizer-intensive corn cultivation.  

There is still plenty of time for decision-making.  The seed is bought at the latest in March.

Thus the last decision is not made but also still. Then during crucial with will the seed time weather play a role. While corn sowing begins mid/late April and should be done no later than mid to late May. Should however - as in previous years repeatedly done - maize sowing by unfavorable weather conditions, and prevent, the more benign late sowing soybean is still on the course.

Ultimately, it is s, which is for the pricing of importance not only to the sowing area, but to the Ernteergebni. The multiplication of area with the income provides the amount of harvest.  The formation of yield in two fruit is highly weather dependent. However, the yield-forming phases are different. For corn, the July has a paramount importance, for the soybean it depends more on the August. The year 2016 Nina weather, that experience has shown that in the United States with a summer drought can be connected and is at the very end can occur marked by a la the risk of early frosts, already in September.  

A reliable harvest forecast to make, is not possible given the variety of risk factors. Less risky to make supply and purchasing decisions, are part of hedges to make.

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