Dewinterizing damage

MARS - Dewinterizing damage in Eastern Europe

The Agrarmeteorologische has published 2016 a simulation model the EU (MARS) in the Jan issue, representing possible Dewinterizing damage in Europe, taking into account the recent climate data.

Here, the winter hardiness developed 17 Jan 2016 of plants, the height of the snow cover and the Minimum temperatures were taken into account. The winter hardiness caused by the fact that multiple repeated cold incentives plants convert starch into glucose, to lower the freezing point in the cells in this way.

The mild temperatures since November 2015 have encouraged little this curing process in large parts of Europe. The formation of a protective blanket of snow is also have been no.

The recent cold wave with temperatures ranging from-15 to-17 degrees have caused Europe's potential frost damage in the eastern regions. Poland, parts of Belarus, a large part of the Ukraine, Moldova and the southern region of Russia are particularly affected.  For the Ukraine, the winter grain harvest is especially critical, because a part of the land was not ordered and a considerable part of the winter crops with weak stocks went in the winter. Now, the Ukrainian crop is classified 2016 considerably lower.

In other areas, no appreciable frost has occurred such as UK, France, Spain and Italy . Germany and adjacent areas had a sufficiently protective snow cover. In time sufficient amounts of snow had fallen in the northern and Eastern parts of Russia.

Recently again milder temperatures far in the East of Europe rich in. A few snow melts and the surviving plants suck again full with water.

The Dewinterizing damage can spread to not exclude another cold wave . In principle, the danger for the previously unspoiled western part of Europe.

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