DRV updates 2024 harvest estimate

DRV renews 2024 harvest estimate at 41.23 million tons.

The German Raiffeisen Association (DRV) has estimated the German grain harvest at 41.23 million tons in its new Apr.24 issue. Compared to the previous year, the result is -3.3% worse, while the year-on-year decline is -4.5%.

The area under cultivation in 2024 is -2.2% below the previous year and yield expectations are classified by the DRV as -1.1% lower.

Wheat cultivation fell by -7.7% due to the unfavorable weather conditions during sowing in autumn 2023. In contrast, the good growing conditions in the winter and spring months are expected to contribute to a slight increase in yields per hectare. The wheat harvest is estimated to total 20.17 million tons (previous year: 21.53 million tons), accounting for almost 50% of the total harvest.

The barley harvest is expected to increase by 0.9% to 11.1 million tons. A +3.7 % increase in acreage will contribute to this, but will be offset by a -2.6 % reduction in expected yields.

For rye, the DRV estimates a harvest of 3.2 million tons, which is mainly due to a 5.9% increase in yield per hectare. In the case of triticale, the harvest is expected to grow by +7.3 % compared to the previous year, mainly due to the larger acreage of +5.6 %.

Maize cultivation is expected to be -2.4 % lower and yields per hectare are even expected to be -8.7 % lower. There is still some time between the upcoming sowing and the harvest.

A huge harvest leap of +44.5 % is predicted for oats. In addition to the 7 % increase in acreage, the yield has risen by +35 % compared to last year's disastrous result. In a multi-year comparison, the result is less dramatic.

This year's vegetation is around 10 days ahead of average years. However, the mild weather in winter may have contributed to the fact that disease pressure will be significantly higher in the near future. If the acreage is relatively accurate, the harvest result will ultimately be determined by the grain formation phase in June and the threshing conditions.

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