European harvest results 2015: only partially deprived of the unusual weather

MARS analyzes the climate-induced crop results 2015 and the current sowing conditions in Europe

The Agrarmeteorologische analyzes the EU (MARS) the climate data in Europe in terms of the yields for years. Largely confirmed the previously established results in the recent Sept. 15 issue. Slight improvements in certain regions are expected only at the not yet harvested corn.

The European harvests 2015 were influenced by 2 heat waves. In the first half of June 2015, a high temperature phase stretched from South-Eastern of Spain through southern France, the Central and southern Balkan States in the South-Eastern Russia. In Northern Europe, the temperatures slightly under the were long-term averages.

2.Junihälfte were above-average temperatures in Spain, Italy and in the Black Sea region at. Temperatures of 38 degrees C there were places in July in large parts of Central Europe, which made establishing in particular the summer crops of mainly maize. In between, there were periods of below-average temperatures.  In hindsight, it turns out that the precocious winter cereal species and varieties comparatively have done little damage it. The weak sites with low water holding capacity are excluded.

With a second heat wave began in early August in the Central and Southeastern regions of Europe, which affected in particular the corn in its pollination and piston formation phase.

However, remained the North Europe from United Kingdom spared up to Finland by the heat waves.  The temperatures were 2 degrees C below the average.

In the month of June 2015 has a pronounced rain deficit large parts of Northern France, Germany, Poland, South-Eastern European States to the Ukraine into ruled. The former fears of a poor harvest are not confirmed. The main reason might have been is that in particular the low night temperatures have protected from a large evaporation rate.

In the July sufficient rains fell in southern country parts of Europe, ranging to southern Russia via the Ukraine.

For the month of September is a division of the weather in western part of a wet and a dry portion of Eastern Europe up into Russia to determine.  In particular the sowing conditions in the Ukraine and southern Russia suffering from drought. This window will close, because a sufficient Habitat prior to the winter is necessary if you want to avoid high rates of Dewinterizing for sowing.

Due to the unusual weather conditions 2015 are the harvest results , with the exception of maize in the European countries into still better than average downuntil after Russia. The original prospects looked very much gloomier.

The sowing conditions for the next harvest but again make problems.

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