Frost surprise Eastern Europe

First cold snap surprised winter crops in Eastern Europe

The recent mild temperatures in Nov-December 2015 have meant that in areas with unfavourable conditions of purchase the seed level clearly has improved. This applies in particular for the Ukraine and regional differently in the southern districts of Russia.

The disadvantage of the mild weather but is the cereal crops to educate not sufficient hardiness . The cells of in full juice stems and leaves burst at low minus temperatures. A slow transition in the freezing temperatures the plants convert starch into glucose, so that the freezing point is lowered significantly. Also a sufficiently high snow cover prevents that the plants are directly exposed to the cold air temperatures.

The weather maps, only spor adig pronounced snow cover can be found for a large portion of the eastern area. Up on a small strip across through the Ukraine a sufficient protection is missing in this country. This also applies to certain Western parts of Russia.

In the last two nights from 2 to 4 January temperatures in these areas are under -15 to-25 degrees down. The Ukraine, where formed a cold pool between-20 to-25 degrees is especially hard hit. The adjacent territory of Belarus and Russia are also included. A blanket of snow is to determine in more Eastern parts of Russia.

A cold strip-10 is drawn up to-20 degrees in the weather maps in the territories of the Baltic States, Poland Belarus and countries of South Eastern Europe . Even for these areas increased Dewinterizing risks could exist.

The weather forecast for the next week however indicate a temporary withdrawal of the cold fronts. In 14 days, another wave of cold temperatures on Europe to come back.

Whether and to what extent the unique cold shock caused considerable Dewinterizing damage , lets not judge at this stage. Further developments can contribute to a supply and defuse the situation. Additional obstacles that may affect the seed stands, is to assume in any case.

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