Further high grain exports from the Black Sea region

Unrest in the Eastern Ukraine marginally for grain export

The rebellion in the Eastern Ukraine proves itself with regard to the involvement of the Ukrainian engineer rather marginal phenomenon. Measured on the entire agricultural area, little more than 5% of the arable land is located in the crisis region. Only the areas of the Donetsk region are regarded as high-yielding wheat locations. Reports that as a result of the armed conflict in this region a loss of earnings by over 15% to quote is, be taken too high given the comparatively small size of the room. More detailed figures are not available but.

Crimea itself represents only a fraction of the agricultural land. The peninsula is not particularly fertile. Agriculture there cannot do without artificial irrigation. The water is piped to for centuries from the Mainland.

The grain exports from the Ukraine and Russia are undisturbed. The Ukrainian export ports working at full steamon the Black Sea. From the Ukraine, almost twice as high grain exports will have reported, as they held in the previous year.

Also the Russian export ports running under full load. Wheat prices on the Black Sea ports are currently unrivalled favorable. The importing States of the North African Mediterranean countries and the Middle East have now purchased after initial reluctance in Russia and the Ukraine.

As long as the riots not in the Odessa port regions and the Asovschen sea be expanded, is to be expected with the progress of the hitherto undisturbed development. The territory controlled by the rebels has become rather less than more.

The threats of the West, the financial flows to control, are to be regarded as effective instrument. The payment of the importing countries of Russian grain passes the West controlled financial markets.

It turns out once again, that a low grain price ultimately has the higher dielectric strength compared to all other concerns. Ukrainian feed wheat will be offered free ship for less than $145 per t. In contrast, French wheat costs with 10,5% crude protein in the North Sea for $175 per t. Russian bread wheat 12,5% crude protein is traded in the Black Sea port for $180 per t free ship.  US wheat costs about €185 per t in the Gulf of Mexico. Taking into account the transport costs, the Black Sea area for a majority of the importing countries is quite in the competitive advantage.

The time of intervention purchasesbegins in Russia.  The Russian State takes grain in stock as a provision for a possible poor harvest in times of high harvesting increasingly as a result Dewinterizing damage or dryness slumps. In this way, the exports must be more evenly than in previous years with rigorous State export interference.

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