German grain harvest down on previous year

Final harvest estimate of the DRV

The German Raiffeisen Federation has released its last harvest estimate for Germany in mid-August. The results are based determined acreage the Federal Office of statistics, but DRV's own earnings estimateson the officially.

The German cereal harvest is classified to 47.3 million tons compared to the previous year with around 52 million tonnes. At a 1% larger acreage the difference arises primarily from a-10% lower yield 72.5 dt / ha compared to the previous year, 80.5 dt / ha.  

The full wheat harvest claimed more than half of the total German harvest with about 27.7 million tonnes. This year's result is due to weather conditions rd. 7.5% below the previous year. Wheat yields are estimated at 78.2 dt / ha (previous year 86.3 dt / ha).

The crop results for rye fails worse % than in the previous year to 13.8. The weaker Flächenerträge - 12.7% on an average 53.4 dt / ha are crucial. The bandwidth on different locations ranging this year from among 30 dt / ha over 80 dt / ha.

The German barley crop missed last year's result with 11.2 million tonnes only to-3%. Higher acreage with a focus at the summer barley again made up for a portion of the earnings decline.

Almost 24% is in German maize harvest decline expected. In addition to an area reduced to less than 5% income decline recommends in particular the almost-21% beech.

OAT and Triticale lose also-10% and -13% compared to the previous year.

The German rapeseed harvest estimates the DRV again lower an on 4.9 million t or -21% lower than the previous year. One has helped lower acreage and a significantly weaker - 14.6% Flächenertrag in the amount of - 38.3 dt / ha to nearly 8%.

Take the biggest setbacks in the rapeseed crop with almost - 33% had to Baden-Württemberg and Hesse . Bavaria, Thuringia and Rhineland-Palatinate recorded each loss amounting to approximately 25% of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the largest German crop area with 0.95 million tonnes or  20%, achieved a total reduction of - 13.4% almost equivalent over a smaller acreage and falling income.

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