IGC-estimates even higher cereal crop - supply status remains

IGC-Oct-2014 estimation:

Global grain production and consumption higher - supply adjustment

The latest estimate of the International Grains Council on the global supply situation on the cereals market even higher numbers in the category delivered wheat and corn.

The global harvest is approximately 1.99 billion tons again around 5 million tonnes higher classified as in the previous month. The higher corn harvest with about 980 million t provides the decisive contribution (previous month 974 million tonnes). The wheat crop is prized now to 718 million tonnes.  

In the wheat sector , the supply situation will be with rd. 27% stock to use ratio assessed as slightly above average. It's a small improvement compared to the previous year, but moving on to a higher level of production and consumption figures. The division between feed wheat and wheat higher, shares, which make up the difference to the previous year remains unclear. Systematic surveys about global do not exist. Only from regional estimates out on it, one can conclude that the availability of higher quality wheat volume remains limited.  

The increased offer exceed the increase in consumption in the maize sector . Thus remain approximately 3 million tonnes for the increase of closing stock. Peak values obtained with an 20.2% surplus stock measured in consumption , which no longer existed for 15 years.

The other cereals no longer reach the level of the previous year with nearly 300 million tonnes with 290 million tonnes, there are still 15 million tonnes over the numbers from 2 years ago.

Overall, the IGC confirmed high harvest results in the cereals year 2014/15 and an exceptionally good supply situationwith his most recent estimate. Thus, the forecasts of leading institutes approaching closer again.

However, that delivers IGC estimate a few insights into the latest price developments of the last 14 days. The rapid and booming inflation is considered a stabilizing development of a previously sustained price decline in recent weeks. Obviously, the current inflation as a temporary correction to a slightly higher price plateau is regarded.

It is assumed that the IGC estimates as in previous cases will attract little attention in the stock markets and influence the course of development. This is the report of fundamental type to be created.

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