MARS estimates low grain yields for the EU

MARS report: mild winter, little snow - guarantee high income

The agro-meteorological Institute at the Commission (MARS) has published in its March 2015 report an initial assessment of the expected crop yields based on meteorological data.  The evaluation provides an average level of earnings of about 5.3 t / ha, approximately 1.7% over the 5-year average, but - 5.5% below the prior year level of 5.58 t / ha is located. However, last year was a record year.

The mild winter with little to no damage of Dewinterizing the comparatively low evaluation result surprising at first glance.

In the closer look, you will however thoughtful. The weather maps show for wide areas of Europe between 30 to 100% to low rainfall measured on long-term averages.

Strong deviations from-50 up to 100% are for the Eastern and southern parts of Germany, Central and Northern parts of Poland, to determine for the South Eastern European countries with the exception of Romania and Bulgaria. Also large parts of Spain have gotten too little water.

Missing rainfall in the category between-10 to-50% measured have been measured France and Great Britain on the long-term average for the most parts. Sub-regions of the Scandinavian countries also fall into this category.

By contrast, above-average rainfall to + 50-+ 100% in Italy, Romania and Bulgaria occurred.

Low rainfall in the winter months lead to a low replenishment of ground water reserves. Mild temperatures exacerbate the problem of inadequate water supplies by an above-average rate of evaporation.

For the next few months with rising temperatures and corresponding plant growth, the evaporation problem will be increased again. Therefore, much larger amounts of precipitation are required in the near future.

Should remain in this rain, the risk of inadequate ground water reserves to compensate for several-day rainless days increased throughout the growing season. This is particularly detrimental in the critical yield-forming period from mid-April to mid-June noticeable when it comes to the grain filling stage.

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