Mars is forecasting lower corn yields in the EU

MARS estimates EU summer grain yields a lower - corn significantly below average

The agro-meteorological Institute of the European Commission has estimated in its monthly report for August 2015 on the basis of climate data summer grain yields with a focus on corn.

Almost All EU countries with the exception of the Benelux countries, Spain, southern Italy and Greece are with their maize yields under the 5 - year average of the years 2010 2014.

Extremely high temperatures with temperatures between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius in connection with insufficient rainfall pushed the earnings expectations in France, Germany, Poland, and the new South Eastern European countries particularly in the pollination and grain formation stage. However, there are regional exceptions, in particular because, where sufficient soil moisture present or irrigation is possible.

The detail shots show that above-average yields can be expected in the Spanish irrigation zones of Aragon . This also applies to the Eastern Po Valley of Italy with intensive irrigation, while in the western part of earnings are. In the West and South of France the precipitation deficit caused in July low earnings prospects, but the recent rains can limit the damage even in August.

In southern Germany , the dry weather has contributed to impairments during growth and pollination phase when the corn. In North Germany and Western Poland contributed the latest weather developments back to a slight recovery of the plant stands. In Eastern and southern Poland, missing rainfall have resulted in significant reductions in yield.

In the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and West Romania a pronounced summer drought caused earnings expectations, which are almost half of the previous year's level.

EU maize harvest is estimated at 60 to 62 million tonnes by various institutions. Last year's record 75 million were achieved in. The necessary maize import in the EU will be higher this year. Transport costs and high import prices at a low euro rate will corn prices and indirectly support other grain prices.

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