MARS: In part regions of the EU, the winter hardiness is missing

MARS weather development in Europe: on the one hand, too cold, too hot

The agro-meteorological Institute of the Commission (MARS) notes that the weather development, failed in the West above-average warm in the last 2 months in Europe while in the eastern parts until after Russia into a cold wave made with significantly below-average sub-zero temperatures to create the plant holdings.

Particularly in Germany and France , high temperatures with 2 degrees above normal have first ensured that the plant stands is richly developed have. The temperatures 2 to 4 degrees above the long-term values were in the Mediterranean. However, at the same time applies so far there have been no is the development of a necessary winter hardiness for the plants. This carries the risk that falling temperatures suddenly occurring in the freezing range, the Dewinterizing danger is particularly great. Hopefully still a sufficiently long period with low freezing temperatures occurs so that the plants can make out the necessary winter hardiness.

An adequate adaptation of plant stands on the winter season can be observed in many parts of the Baltic States, Poland, in northeastern of Germany and the South Eastern European EU States .

A cold wave with temperatures ranging from-15 to-25 degrees has captured parts of Poland, Belarus and Russia with delicate Frost temperatures. So were the Celsius values to 10 degrees below normal. In these areas, it is likely to damage the plant stocks.

The rainfall were differently distributed. In the Mediterranean and along the Atlantic coast abundant rain fell up to flooding at a height of 300 mm.  In East Germany, West Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia were under 20 mm of rain, far too little compared to the multi-annual average.  

For the winter hardiness training an adequate protective snow cover will in addition necessary.

The current prospects for the weather forecast are little favorable. For the northern regions of Germany, Poland, large parts of France are to be reckoned with sub-zero temperatures to end Dec. The countries of Eastern Europe and the Alps are collected but by a cold wave.

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