Strategy of grains: EU-Getreidernte 2015 expected to 15 million tonnes lower than 2014

Strategy of grains estimates the EU wheat crop by 2015 to 140 million tonnes (excluding durum wheat)

Valley or strategy of grains, a French company of analysis estimates the upcoming EU wheat crop on the magnitude of 140.4 million tonnes without durum wheat. In the expiring year 2014/15, a similar result was reached of 148.8 million tonnes.

The EU wheat acreage will be prized little modified 24 million ha. The crucial difference is in the Flächenerträgen. This assumes that the unusually high income of the previous year are not repeated, but can be assumed only by average space services in the trend.

The French wheat harvest is estimated essentially unchanged to the previous year to 37.4 million tonnes.  The German wheat harvests are just under 26 million tonnes and thus almost - amount to 2 million tons of less. In the United Kingdom it is also from a - 1.5 million tons less wheat harvest. Poland will harvest only 10.6 million tonnes instead of 11.6 million tonnes in 2015. Extrapolating also 1 million tons of less in Romania.

EU barley production estimates to 58 million tons grains strategy rd.-2 million t lower than in the previous year. In two large growing regions of Germany and France with each rd. 10.5 and 11.5 million tonnes the results should be along lower to about 1.3 million tonnes .  However, expected one in Spain to + 1 million tonnes larger barley crop as the drought-caused weak outcome of the previous year.

The EU corn production promotes significantly from the analysis company. Instead of 75.2 million tonnes in the year 2014, only 68.2 million tonnes at the same acreage are to be achieved in this year of 2015. In France , 2.5 million tonnes of less are expected. For Hungary it is estimated rd. rd. - 1,3 million tonnes of less on corn and in Romania - 1.4 million t. ultimately is expected corn of less 0.7 million t in Italy with constant cultivation area -.

Overall the remains in accordance with the strategy of grains estimate EU cereal harvest to 2015 - 15 up - 20 million tonnes behind the previous year's record result back. The main reason lies in the assumption that the unique record numbers of Flächenerträge so fast not be repeated.

So far speak but the mild winter and a possibly early onset of vegetation for favorable output conditions of this year's crop. However, you should indicate that the income decisive period of grain filling phase may/Junis imminent i have yet. Ultimately, the harvest conditions play a decisive role.

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