U.S. corn crop: tip the scales of course

Like the U.S. corn crop will be big?

The U.S. corn crop accounts for about 40% of the world corn harvest or nearly 20% of the world grain harvest. U.S. corn exports take up more than 50% of world trade. The U.S. corn crop has enormous significance for the world grain market. There is therefore a strong interest in a secured an early harvest results.

A large corn yields, which is suspected of record are the United States in the final stages. The previous estimation results ranging from 362 to 378 million tonnes. Uncertainties still in terms of the final harvest area as also the hectare.

According to weather records, over 80% of the maize area temperatures have already experienced below 2 degrees Celsius. At this point, the growth or the height of the hectare yield ends finally. A if necessary. applied greater earnings potential is no longer exhausted. You'll find the actual result after threshing.

Should further adverse weather conditions occur such as storm, precipitation in the form of rain or snow, possibly even the harvested area decreased. For the next 14 days, which says US weather forecast still lower temperatures to below-10 degrees Celsius before. It stays at the same time but dry, so that the harvest work can continue. The prospect of a complete harvesting of the cultivated maize areas are therefore given.

The crop estimate remains fraught with some uncertainties. In the run-up to the Institute therefore compete to deliver the correct assessment. The yields are higher than in the previous year in any event between 7 and 10 dt / ha. The average expected just under 110 dt / ha. There is uncertainty in the square footage. Compliance is largely the result of last year's harvest is significantly exceeded by 355 million tonnes.

The USDA report will be for the time being an orientation mark on the coming 10th Nov. 14. To what extent the figures come close then a possible end result, the remaining history of the harvest work will show in the month November.

On the stock market , they will carefully studying the USDA report and initiate the appropriate changes.

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