U.S. winter wheat stocks present themselves differently

US wheat stock is judged differently.

The Bestandsbonituren at the US winter wheat vary considerably. An average of 18 States, 42% of the stocks in the category of "good to excellent" were classified. In the previous year, reaching only values to 33% around the same time.

However the range of results goes far apart. Idaho, Montana as a significant cultivation areasare in the upper range of the 60% "good to excellent", while even good stocks were seen in Indiana and Michigan, but most States where winter wheat cultivation plays a less important.

The values are lower in the central areas of the Great Plains : Kansas is only 26%, South Dakota even lower to 23% good to excellent stocks.   Nebraska and Oklahoma reach shares by 37% good to excellent winter wheat stocks.

Check the soil water conditions in these regions, they are congruent with the Bestandsbonituren. Only 45% of the ground water conditions in Kansas are known as fine, however, classified 54% as just very tight. In South Dakota the humidity conditions with 33% are sufficient, but with 67% of the area are classified as inadequate.

The U.S. wheat inventories in the decisive phase of yield formationcome in the next few weeks and months. Higher temperatures and a growing nutritious increase the evaporation rate. Therefore sufficient rainfall are needed, because the ground water supply in these areas is quickly exhausted.

Inconsistent water supply in different important areas and the still upcoming income education phase make a reliable estimate of the harvest. With a bumper crop, nor will be expected to like with a catastrophic crop failure.

The 1 USDA estimate 2015/16 early may could provide landmark numbers.

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