Weak crop of Spain requires rising import volumes

High crop yields 2014 - but not in Spain

In the euphoria over high crop yields, those regions are often overlooked, where the growth conditions are not so cheap. Spain among the regions in the EU that are exposed to very strong uctuations along the South-Eastern European Member States. Harvest results vary between 15 and 25 million tonnes and are not uncommon.

For the 2014 crop harvest estimates between rd. 14 to 17.5 million t, so clearly below the multi-annual average vary. The cause lies in the ongoing dry season, which lasts since April 2014.

Spain is a net importing country in cereals. Depending on the output of own harvest, 11 to 13 million t of cereals are imported. About 80% of them from the other EU countries, the rest from third countries. Large amounts come from France and the United Kingdom. increasingly, the Black Sea countries with very low offer prices participate in the import. However the third countries only come to the course, if import duties are suspended. To do this, prices must exceed 155% intervention brand ($160 per t) or remain the quantities in terms of the duty-free quotas.

The still uncertain of the estimation results to the 3 million t range quite developed price meaning. In the worst case, the EU grain harvest could fall again significantly below the 300 million tonnes.

The expected Spanish crop failure affects mainly barley, consisting for the most part of spring barley in addition to wheat. The availability of barley is recent getting smaller has become for the coming year is despite good initial results of threshing in this country not a plentiful supply situation to be expected.

Already, barley above its relative feed value to the wheat will be paid.

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