Small Potato stock in the Netherlands

Kartoffeln Cockpit, 02.05.2014

  • New records in Dutch processing and only small raw material supplies
  • Russia binds large quantities of potatoes in itself
  • Increasing potato exports to Eastern Europe
  • EU 28-harvest 2013 only 54,583 Mt - little more than in the previous year
  • Result of Polish potato crop to 1.1 million tonnes corrected upwards
  • Expected early crop of new frit raw materials
  • Hardly a market for Bintje from Belgium present
  • Dining early potato harvest from all German wine regions at the same time possible
  • Successful sourcing strategy of the processors: contract inventory remains very high

Large potato processing and growing export

(AMI) A less than average crop, large amounts of processing and lower imports resulted in a small potato stock for the remainder of the season. As the Dutch Potato Association, NAO, tells a relatively large quantity of potatoes of 311,000 tonnes was processed into products last March. So has the season stand at 2,735 (previous year: 2,639) million t increases and continues to record levels. Exports of potatoes for consumption amounted in March 2013 to 82.341 tonnes, a rather average quantum. Compared to the previous month but more came together, owing to especially the livelier exports to Eastern Europe. Processing and export together reached end of March however close to the record set of the previous year. Consumption of potato imports stay limits this season and the previously set harvest volume is not even average, if also somewhat larger than in the previous year. Merges all data in a total balance somewhat more potatoes stay with 866.000 t as in the previous year, prior to that, the rest was always higher.

Small Potato stock in the Netherlands
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Still, the processing industry with contract raw material is covered. The acquisition of further additional amounts currently remains the exception. There are unsold inventories in the Western belt of Frits raw material but always plenty. Probably this will be first place towards the end of the season. Until then, the pressure on prices should stop and give further revenue losses the stock holders. The year's er experiences make it clear that a high raw material needs of the industry with contract goods improved the possibilities of the market design for the buyer and worsened for the producers. Einzelbetrieblich can be controlled against hardly. Only the derivatives market can offer as a parallel market for revenue improvement of farmers there still room. However, many for next season already missed this possibility also, finally also currently only about 12.50 EUR / dt can be secured there for the April 2015. Not even 1,000 vacancies narrow also Bewegungsmög possibilities that.

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Grafting potatoes Market Report Compact

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