Early onset of the potato 2014/15

Kartoffeln Cockpit, 06.06.2014

  • Low commodity prices create sales
  • Starch industry gives more quality-critical consumption potato stocks
  • French fries sales worldwide continues to boom
  • Record in Dutch processing and only small raw material supplies
  • Stop early potato shipments from the South-Eastern Mediterranean region
  • Export enquiries from Eastern Europe
  • Spain exporters see pain threshold when the prices reach
  • Expected early crop of new frit raw materials
  • Cultivation expansion for 2014 core areas of frit raw materials production, harvest
  • Versorgungsmonitoring of the EU: to expect higher potato yields
  • Dining early potato harvest in all German areas at the same time possible

Ware potatoes soon cleared

(AMI) New potatoes have already made it. The first arrived in the LEH. But so far only losschalige goods in stamp programs. Mature sponsored tubers with fixed Bowl will follow then next week. The LEH shows great interest in a range of reconstruction, which currently imports benefit from, what's coming soon, but also of the local goods to good. The start of the season is however disappointing compared with the two previous years in terms of price. The starting prices are not even half as high. Relatively low prices are likely to partially roll back offering import, if used safely until early July also stable potatoes from Spain. On the Iberian Peninsula provider retreat from the market, if too low rates are required. The defense of significant amounts of Israel will probably only noticeable in the second ju nihälfte. Apart from the usual programs no longer on the market should be. Ware potatoes as well as no longer interfere with the events from German or French production. Disposed of in this country for the manufacture of starch residue and further supplies from France, trade has virtually no interest. Currently, it rather looks like a better market next week in the season to create than expected only 3 weeks ago. Also rather medium to low yields contribute, which are due to the small number of tubers. How the sometimes tremendous blight pressure still affects, remains to be seen.

Early onset of the potato 2014/15
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Just like with potatoes will be that the previous year's harvest was suitable for use and the reserves in early July, at the time of delivery of first contract goods from the cultivation of 2014, are exhausted apparent probably soon also in processing raw materials. However, on better prices, no one needs to hope. Before the start of the contract supplies, probably end of June-first early varieties of fries will be ripe. The industry will want to take them but not expensive pay.

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Grafting potatoes Market Report Compact

(Text and graphics by Hans Jürgen Hölzmann, agricultural engineer, Meckenheim, February 21, 2020) Every year in February the buyers offer the new contracts for the bearing types for the "french raw material" such as B. Agria, Callenger and Fontane. Depending on the market situation, the conditions for fixed-price contracts change slightly from the…


Since the middle of November the price index for processing potatoes is listed on the EEX in Leipzig again. This index represents the average spot market quotations for goods that are free (from farm stock) the standard varieties for prompt delivery in the Western European countries. Through this index and the futures market prices, the market is…


The potato crop in Western Europe was completed in the last few days. The mostly weak this year qualities and yields could be harvested thus at least completely. From the individual countries, the statistical authorities so after report the estimated results that indicate a similar weak harvest as in the previous year in the total. At the same time…

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