EU: Increase the milk delivery in April significantly strengthened

Milch Cockpit, 13.06.2014

  • Increasing demand of milk and dairy products by a growing world population and increasing purchasing power in emerging markets.
  • Milk production is seasonal in the northern hemisphere.
  • Export offer on the world market may have regional less than originally expected in the coming months.
  • Also the buyer's side is still required for delivery in the second half of the year.
  • Dairy products from the EU to third countries brisk demand.
  • Stabilization of the product markets in the EU.
  • First signs of firmer price in the world market.
  • Almost all over the world very high milk production.
  • Major importers like Russia or China partly restrained demand.

(AMI) At the beginning of the dairy year 2014/15 the increase of milk delivery compared with the previous year has grown in the EU significantly. According to estimates of the AMI dairies have entered milk approximately 13.0 million tonnes in the 28 Member States in April. Thus, the previous line in the total of community by 7.2% was exceeded after the average growth rate in the first quarter amounted to 5.3%. For the first 4 months by 2014 is a milk delivery total 49.4 million tonnes, are 5.9% or good 2.7 million tonnes more than in the same period of the previous year. This was a sharp increase in the volume of milk nearly nationwide list. With 5.6%, the average increase in the Member States that acceded in 2004 was only slightly lower than in the countries of the EU-15, where the increase in the average was 5.9%. From January to April the strongest volume growth were followed by Germany, the Netherlands and Poland in the United Kingdom and France. The additional quantities in this 5 Member States amounted to nearly 2.1 million tons and accounted for more than three-quarters of the buoyantly in the EU.

EU: Increase the milk delivery in April significantly strengthened
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Later, the growth rates for the milk delivery but are likely to take off. In the year 2013, the milk production has increased significantly after an offer weak first half from the middle of the year. Thus, the reference base of the previous year for the observations in the coming months is higher, resulting in mathematically lower growth rates, even if the milk is expected to continue at a high level, and above the previous line will move.

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