China's dairy industry again in the public

Back the milk scandal in China?

China's dairy industry seems to emerge from the scandals do not. The FA "China modern dairy" with 190,000 cows animals sold, where tuberculosis and brucellosis have been detected. If the milk is not pasteurized, the pathogens can be transmitted to humans.

The affected company belongs to a quarter of the second-largest dairy Mengniu, which has a market share in China by 25%. The largest dairy is the yili group with slightly more than 25% and the third largest dairy company is bright dairy and food with about 10% market share. All companies have joint ventures with American, French, and german Swedish Danish large dairies.

The Major melamine scandal in 2008 is still deep in the consciousness of the Chinese. More than 30,000 babies should be seriously ill by the illegal incorporation. Lifetime permanent damage and deaths were also among them.

Xinhua was one year later in Dec. 2009 in the Chinese province of "Shanghai Panda company" Again melamine impurity discovered. In the year 2010, "Tantian dairy company" in North China was closed because she repackaged 170,000 t Melaminverseuchte dairy products .  The Mengniu dairy group has kept back in time in time according to own in 2011 before the delivery of milk products contaminated with aflatoxin . In the year 2012 has yili industrial group goods contaminated with alkaline over 6 months over again to call back due to "Mechanical failure".

With delivery of whey powder contaminated botulism bacteria the Australian Dairy Fonterra, one led to a temporary ban on imports. In hindsight the accusation proved error.

The Chinese dairy industry will support with State built up. However, there are serious structural problems to solve. Of the 2.3 million dairy farms keep 75% less 5 cows, another 15% of the farms have between 5 to 10 cows and 6% of the farms have flocks of between 10 and 20 cows.

There are serious problems with hygiene in prevailing small businesses . In the past the disease prevention was not always taken very seriously in the booming dairy industry of growing businesses . In the meantime provides the State with sharp controls over compliance with the health rules. This works better than in many small attitudes in large units. It is seriously trying to improve the image of the Chinese dairy industry. With foreign participation, it is hoped an improvement of vision among Chinese consumers.

What will get the most recent case, is still open. However, there is a high sensitivity among Chinese consumers.

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