China's milk market 2016

Milk market development in China in 2016

In the years 2016 to China 8.5 million cows around 38 million tonnes of cow's milk produce. More milk production of yaks, sheep, goats and camels put on 1.6 million tonnes.

The cow numbers should grow 2016 only by 1%. The milk production is estimated at nearly 4,450 kg per average cow. Performance improvements have been realized with imported cows from Australia in the past few years. State-subsidized imports of seeds of a magnitude of 8.4 million portions complement the efforts to improve the milk yield per cow. Problems remain in the expensive and balanced feeding.

The new 5-year plan , the Chinese Government encourages the development of larger dairy herd. The agricultural policy of support of small farmers and backyard attitudes is scaled back significantly.

The producer prices for milk are 3.4 RMG/kg or equivalent/0.50 ct / kg. Chinese standards is low prices, which are under pressure by international competition.

About 15 million tonnes in the consumption of fresh milk, which is consumed mostly due to lack of cold chain on-site hike from the 38 million tons of cow milk production. The UHT milk is strong on the rise. The remaining milk is mainly used on milk powder. The whole milk powder production (VMP) 2016 is estimated at 1.5 million tonnes.

On the added import routes to further 0.4 million tonnes of VMP more earlier than the 0.35 million tonnes in the previous year 2015 import volume by 0.7 million tonnes for the time being of the past. Whole milk powder is used for more than one-third of children's nutrition. About 25% are converted back to fresh milk and consumed in this way.

The low-fat milk production (MMP) is only 40,000 t in their own country. 2016 additional 210,000 t MMP to be imported to meet demand. In previous years the import figures were approximately 300,000 t. approximately 50% of MMP imports come from New Zealand, the EU will provide about 20% of the imports.

The prospect of strong import growth as in previous years 2016 are for the time being not to recognize. However, there are moderate increases of imports of dairy products.

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