EU milk market report - 15 March: noticeable decline in the milk delivery

EU milk deliveries slowed down: how much quota brakes - how much price?

Monthly Jan 2015 Jan 2014 the milk deliveries on average in the EU are to - 0.8% decline , the European Commission notes in its March milk market report. In the individual Member States the clamping ranges % in Ireland by + 10% in Hungary 14.9. Germany and France range from 1.4 to 1.7%.

Because the States have very different met their quota, a separation line between narrators and sub suppliers is to draw.

In the case of strongly überliefernden States impending penalty tax a significant part have contributed to slow the milk deliveries in the last part of the dairy year. This concerns mainly Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria and some minor producing regions. This is not to exclude that the low price of milk has contributed also to the withdrawal of milk production.

In the majority of EU countries, the quota was not fully met. A declining milk deliveries have therefore other causes. It comes in 1 line the highly unusual milk price into consideration.

Are striking strong declines in those countries, the have the highest rates of increase have had. The exception of Hungary this observation on all Central and Eastern European countries is true, who consistently do not could meet their quotas for several years. The statement that the dairy delivery rate is between 60 and 85% applies to these areas at the same time. High withdrawal rates of dairies leads to larger than usual deliveries at the collecting stations, while low milk prices lead to other uses, where it remains open how much the production volume has actually changed.

But also significant areas such as Spain, France, Ireland have their previous above-average growth rates of + 7 and + 8% on zero to far below zero reduced.

There are different changes to determine in the individual product lines .  Whole milk powder is produced by-14% less. Cheese and fermented dairy products were at-4% and -2% on the return March. An increasing production took place in the case of + 3% butter and skimmed milk powder + 8%.  

The numbers refer to the monthly Jan 2015 Jan 2014 and document a significant turnaround in the development so far. Milk quota and low milk prices have done at the same time - their contribution but with different weights -.

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