In the EU - part quoten-predominantly milk delivery decline in price factors

EU milk deliveries: quota and price brake have not missed their effects

The EU milk deliveries have increased from the beginning of the dairy year in April 2014 up to Feb 2015 in all EU Member States except Greece. The rates of increase by + 9.6% in Romania ranging over 5.3% in Poland 0.8% in Denmark. For the increases are triggers at the beginning of the year still high milk prices.  That has changed in recent years.

In the first two months of Jan. and Feb. 2015 the milk deliveries in the EU in the covered countries on average have fallen again-1% below the previous year. 8 European countries remain above the comparable previous year production; Milk deliveries with different acceptance rates fell in a further 18 countries. 

With approximately 9% with continued surplus generation is Hungary . However, the Hungarian milk production was compared with just 28% below the quota. The Czech Republic and Slovakia to further increase 3.6% also below the quota requirement. Poland remains with 0.2% above the previous year's figures and about the amount of quota.  With the exception of Poland, no penalty charges for exceeding their quota are in these countries to worry about. 

The majority of EU countries has reduced their milk production under the comparable previous year's level. In some regions, the rate exceeded played a significant role, in other areas with lower delivery the rate was barely noticed.   The settlement of rate of is not yet completed. According to first estimates, 10 States criminal charges are due in at least.  This applies mainly to Germany Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Ireland. Other countries are still uncertain.

In addition to the braking action by the quota milk prices fallen by almost 40% have had mostly dampening effect on the delivery. This is clearly to differentiate between production and dairy delivery. In many Central and Eastern European countries, the delivery ratio is between 60 and 90%. With decline in prices, the dairy deliveries accordingly scaled back and sought other uses of milk within the plant and in the direct sales.

Roughly calculated the impending penalty tax has in play with in the decline of EU milk deliveries to 30-40%. The unique focus is at the influence factor of low milk price.

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