European Commission: EU milk production 2016 increases by 1%

Commission: Preview on the EU milk production in 2016

In their summer issue of the regular previews on the future development of key agricultural markets, the Commission has published an view of the dairy market of the year 2016 .

The Commission expects that due to low milk prices, the cow numbers from currently 23.3 million to 23.1 million will diminish animals. However, due to increased milk yield per cow and year a 1% higher milk production is expected over 160 million tons of something. Milk production only by 0.9% is expected to grow in the current year of 2015.

 In comparison, is still under quota conditions, the milk production by 2013 to 2014 to + 4% increased. The attractive Michpreise to 40 ct / kg while not reaping the full benefits of the milk quota formed the background in most EU countries.

The once reached production levels for the time being still kept in the hope that a possible price recovery will take place after a period of deep is despite extravagant prices of milk. This is however not in all EU - Member States alike. It emerged that the countries with the highest growth rates in the past at unfavourable prices for milk have the highest acceptance rate. This observation applies in particular to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The use of milk changed little. Sets out the fresh milk sector slightly to about 48 million tonnes , after all, a market share of about 30%, of any direct competition is exposed.

The Käseerzeugung occupies the second largest amount with 9.5 million tonnes, which Wachstum is estimated at 1.2% for 2016. The cheese paragraph is almost always guaranteed within the internal market as well as in the international business due to strong demand.

The production of milk powder to 3.6% increase to compensate for the increasing quantity of milk. Skimmed-milk powder is forecast only increased by 1.8%. A considerable part of the skimmed milk incurred in the production of butter used for cheese production.

The butter production to only 0.2 per cent rise. Behind it are the sales problems in the country and abroad. Open fats are not the consumption trend.

The Preview on the milk market assumes that the milk prices in the next year on a slightly higher level than this year run. In any case, no further price drop is assumed. This is crucial, that the international market asks for more. You can not build on Russia here, but the hopes are on China. However, this assumes that the Chinese economy back better represents something as it was observed in the recent past.

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