GDT auction for the 2.Mal consecutive positive result

Global dairy trade auction of 06Jan 2015: + 3.6% in the average

The first auction auction of the GDT in new 2015 concluded with a positive result in the amount of 3.6% across all products and dates. The conclusion is all the more remarkable as the auction figures indicate that a strong soil formation was created, which puts a clear end to the 50% downturn in the year 2014.

At all euphoria, but should turn out that the sales volumes in the last two auction dates significantly below the average have been.  The two American competitor were not part of the game and also some European companies have not look.

The milk fat in the form of concentrated butter and butter normal have can reach to the 2 consecutive significant gains . Normal butter scored a value increase of + 13.2% on average with a top result for the June delivery + 23%. Butterfat reached consistently during the delivery month July 2015 increases between + 6% and + 9% as a maximum. Butter prices again exceed a good average value of more than $3000 per t.  The high rates of growth are remarkable in the rear dates that could possibly mean a fundamental turnaround.

The volume of outstanding product Vollmilchpulver teamed hard in the average with a gain of 1.6% . While the Ombudsman Feb-date and the last two dates with negative results out. In the middle months of delivery ranged the length of the increments between 1.5 and 3.3%.

Also Magermilchpulver could not convince average 2.8% in all months. Especially the last 3 delivery of corn up to July were barely above zero.

The results suggest first, that in limited quantity the supply situation will quickly close. This particularly applies to limited storable milk products, whose surplus stocks from earlier times used up faster than keeping stocks of milk powder are longer.

However, you should the early auction in 2015 do not exaggerate. Only the subsequent auction dates are have to prove, that the decline in the milk sector actually came to an end, if the offer fails again bigger.

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