GDT auction: + 9.4%

GDT auction by the 3rd Feb 2015: things are looking up!

The recent Internet auction the global dairy trade confirms a sustained since the beginning of the year upward trend of the auction results. The average surcharge ended on 03 Feb 2015 + 9.4%, the previous auction. In the previous 3 events were already together rd. + 7.5%.

Background of price increases are declining amounts of offer, the both to recognize at the auction were emerging around the world.

The milk powder sector strong with two thirds market share + 19.2% increase in the average of the delivery months outstanding section including August 2015. The surcharges ranged % in each month from + 15 to 23%. Above-average high cut off the two front dates for March and April 2015, a sign of the estimated shortage in the next few months.

The 's second largest product skimmed-milk powder reached an average of 6.7%. The range achieved in the May 15 only + 4.2% and in the Apr. 15 by 8.1%. The back months of July and August fared better than average.

When the butter fats had ups and downs. Butterfat suffered significant price losses by an average of - 5.4%. All delivery months ended up to 6% in the negative range in the Apr. 15.

However, normal butter on a broad front of delivery could with positive results between + 4% and + 7% prevail. The entire auction average there were considerable + 6.1%. Thus exceeded the normal butter price the multi-year average line and is now above $3600 per t.

The cheddar cheese, there was also a low 11%. The stood up high with the rennet casein + 7.7% across however are market share with less than 5% low.

A compilation of range increases Central milk products shows a clear downward trend in leading exporting countries of the world. The price cyclical dampening effect is noticeable.

In New Zealand , to low rainfall has reduced the feed generation. The quantities of milk well below last year's level. In the EU a significant reduction in the quantity of the offer is also, although in this case the quotas once again has a powerful braking effect.

That sharply fallen U.S. milk prices and the strong dollar ensure that the milk supply in the United States will decline more than ever in the coming weeks and months.

Now is just waiting a change of Chinese import behavior

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