GDT auction beginning may 2015 with negative result

GDT auction may 5, 2015: again - 3, 5% not quite unexpectedly

The international Internet auction of the New Zealand company FONTERRA brought A negative resultfor the umpteenth time this year 2015. -3.5% on average of all products and delivery months including Nov 2015 the price setback when compared to the preceding auction still comparatively moderate was mid-April.

It has been enhanced to versteigernde auction volume was just under 7% . In the auction, New Zealand company participated in addition to the also the European company ARLA. The American companies have moderated and other otherwise participating dairies were not part of the game. The German dairy Ammerland has finally adopted.

Whole milk powder as always had the largest share of sales with more than half of the auction lot. The average price decline of - 1.8% on all delivery months kept in the bottom frame. The spectrum ranged from % 0 in the Aug. 15 - 2.8% in the Nov. 15.

In the case of the second largest auction offer skimmed milk powder % were significantly more clearly the negative result with 7.5. The clamping width ranging Jun. 15% for the month of delivery from 6.6 - 14.1% in the Nov. 15. Background is the world greatly expanded offer volume for this product in almost all milk producing regions.

Butterfat was at the last auction in the plus section. This time the courses however eased % average of the delivery months to 6.3. The surcharges were still preferred for the Oct. 15 delivery - 4.2%, but % less paid for the Aug. 15-7.1 an amount.

Normal butter with 84% fat content brought it to the average of 0.8%. The individual months were very different. In positive territory stayed the month Sep.-15 + 3.8%, but already the following month of delivery was - 4.7%.

The prices in the bottom 25% segmentare in the multi-year comparison. The recovery period at the beginning of the year was only short-lived. Rising with the late spring / early summer seasonal milk production in the production areas in the northern hemisphere dominates a usual decline in the southern hemisphere. Offering sustained high overwhelmed the still subdued demand of importing countries above all, China.

Is visible, that the declining rates of increase of milk production in central areas of production as a result of the ongoing global price damping can be expected, that in the second half of a convergence of supply and demand does loom, however.  In the current phase of the market, the buying behavior remains restrained in the safe expectation that the product is not just for the time being.

In this context are to put into perspective the two last auction results despite price declines. Weak prices are nothing unusual in the current season and only slow-running konjunktrurellen recovery. 

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