GDT auction results assert themselves with + 1.9%

Results of the GDT auction Dec 15th, 2015

The result of the most recent global dairy trade (GDT) auction of the mid Dec. 2015 again reached a modest increase to the prior auction with an increase of 1.9% on all products and delivery months.  Making the continuous decline in the auction amounts of previous 30,000 t & m. on now at 25,000 t noticeable.

Butter with a plus of 9.0 on all delivery months until June 2016 across provided the largest contribution to the increase in the average auction prices for the umpteenth time. In particular the front dates until including March brought double-digit growth rates of 10.5 to 11%. In the background are almost twice as high US butter prices, which have yielded something however in recent times.

But even butterfat was much in demand with an increase of average 6.1%. The supplements distributed across all delivery dates almost evenly between + 6.9% + 4.9%.

Whole milk powder reached an average price, which is 1.9% above the prior auction due to the more popular front delivery months Feb. to Apr. 16. In the rear dates there but also a reductions to - 1.8% to the preliminary auction.

Skimmed-milk powder % could contend in the average with + 0.2 just yet. The increases in individual months with focus in the Jan - Feb-2016 were through the vents in the back months almost balanced.

The average yields again halfway to the long-term meanmove in multi-year comparison.  This butter fats - have all the normal butter - already made it the medium-term average values to build on.  However, it has skimmed-milk powder (SMP) more difficult to achieve progress. The world's accumulated MMP stocks that must be dismantled first to open up price potential is caused by.

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