USDA: U.S. milk production continues to grow - cheap basic food supply

US milk market: more cows - higher performance abundant Groundbait - less than median prices

In contrast, the United States among the few countries with ongoing increase of the herdsbelong to many other milk producing regions with significant production constraints. Although-ct / kg have fallen in the United States the milk producer prices by almost €45-ct / kg in the year 2014 to approximately €32 in the current year, but the unusually high rainfall provide a unusually high volume of basic food the U.S. milk producers this year. 

For 2015, the estimated USDA milk production increased by + 1.7%. For the following year 2016 again 2.5% should this occur. Background is the increase in the dairy herds on 9.3 million cows while increasing the milk yield per cow and year on an order of magnitude of 10,390 kg per cow in the average. Until the year 2017 is expected with a flattening of the numbers.

The milk flows to 99% of the dairies. The deliveries are processed mainly for butter, skimmed milk powder and cheese. Whole milk powder plays a completely subordinate role in the United States.

The production of cheese rises in the average of the years by more than 2%. The United States are both ex as importers of cheese where the cheese make all the difference.

The butter production again increased after years of decline. Here comes the export both in the neighbouring countries such as in the Asian region to an increasing importance.

The SMP sector has an outstanding position in the world market with an export quota of almost 20%.

For the next few years that expects USDA with average milk prices of all classes to the 35 Euro-ct / kg. You should have to starting again to 15% to the previous year fallen prices of butter by today's standards to 5.5% in the year 2016. However, extrapolating emanating from the current low price levels with an increase of in skimmed milk powder prices by almost 20%. Cheese quotes should put something back on a moderate scale.

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