Unmodified pig prices in Germany

Piglet cockpit, 13.05.2014

  • no urgent supply of piglets
  • continuing on stabling readiness
  • missing incentives from sides of pork prices
  • Piglets prices will be capped by unchanged quoted pig prices

North Western pig prices (25 kg, 200 delivery game, from the farm)

20 KW 19 KW 18 KW 17 KW 16 KW 15 KW 14 KW 13 KW 12 KW 11 KW 10 KW 9 KW
Piglets prices €/ PCs.













NW-piglets piece













Piglets quotation in the 20 KW unchangedPiglets prices  (As of May 13, 2014)

The surprisingly unchanged V listing of in pig prices in last week at much higher averages of ISN auction twice have consecutive to a hesitant but ultimately unchanged current piglet quotation in the indicated 20 led KW. The reported levels of trade are still below average.

New piglet prices starting from 12.05 till 17 may 2014 (or 20 KW-2014)

The North West Prize was retained for the 19 KW 56 € per 25 kg piglets.The traded quantities of piglets last week stay with 163.713 (last week 129.038) below the average level. Piglets prices unchanged and Northwest remain listed for the 20 KW .

In Hohenlohe/ Upper Swabia were the quotes in the 19 KW 57,30 € per 25 kg almost unchanged left. For the 20 KW keep quotations unchanged

In other German listing areas with different weights, simultaneous, and terms of sale, the piglet prices for the are 20.  KW leave unchanged.

The Dutch are piglet prices with a batch size of 300 animals in the 19 KW to €1 to €51 25 kg pig back have been put. For the 20 KW , the courses be reduced 1 to €1.50 piece...

Weekly imports from NL on average 82,000 units (+ 6,000 compared to the same period last year) in the direction of Germany have stabilized in the first 14 weeks this year 2014.

Danish pigletsprices remained in the 19 KW 30 kg each piglet of based on with €52,35 per share, unchanged .  The pig price is quoted almost unchanged for 20 KW .

859.317 piglets were carried out in the month of March. These are about 20,000 more than in the previous year. Experience shows that Germany's share is 65%. 

Pig sales continues without remarkable errors.

Unmodified pig prices in Germany
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ZMP Live Expert Opinion

Ferklepreise remain upwards as long as the pork prices provide no signal anzuzuheben the quotes. Continue close ties of piglet prices to the V listing has not his reason in a plentiful supply. Stand-alone seasonal Preiseinflusse in the piglet quotes are not to watch and also not to expect in this market situation. Sufficient rising pork prices werdenauch implemented directly in rising pig prices in the future.

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