Countries of destination of Danish pig exports

Danish pig exports destinations

If one were to extrapolate the previous pig exports of Denmark in the period from Jan. to Sept 2014, you get an annual output of more than 11 million pigs. In the year 2013, there were about 10 million animals that were fattened up beyond Danish borders.

As before, Germany is the largest country with a portion that moves between 55% and 58%.  In recent years the German pig references from Denmark have established itself more or less just below the limit of 6.5 million piglets . In previous years in Germany accounted for around 90%.

On a growing scale, Poland is becoming the second largest importer of Danish piglets. 3.6 million animals are extrapolated to the year 2014 to quote. The trend has increased in recent years. Who was alone in the period from Jan to Sept-2014 increased approximately 30%. Background of the Polish needs is the weak sows attitude structure with approximately 80% of sows in stock under 50 animals. African swine fever has caused in Poland for considerable pressure to adapt. The favourable transport route from Denmark to Poland also supported this development.

Despite the great distance, Danish piglets in a projected year range for 2014 of a magnitude of around 450,000 animals after Italy 3 largest recipient country are transported. The Italian need arises from a strong reduction of stocks of sows. The growth rate for the previous year is 43%.

With 128% rising import demand of the Netherlands is noteworthy in the year 2014 with the previous year. Holland even exported approximately 6.5 million pigs per year.  However, imports from Denmark keep up with projected 250,000 units per year within limits. The doubling of imports for the previous year is however remarkable 2013.

Czech pig imports from Denmark have declined to 35% in 2014. The volume amounts to an annual output of 150,000 animals. Background is the declining meat industry in the Czech Republic.

The rest amount of pig exports a majority of smaller countries remains relatively constant relative 166,000 animals the year 2014.

The increase in the Danish sow housing and rising productivity lead to increasing exports of piglets. The Danish mast capacities are limited and less competitive compared to the sow housing due to the set-aside.

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