Danish pig exports rising--German import share shrinks

Pig exports from Denmark, Germany share less, becomes greater Poland

A high swine density in Denmark has helped to restructure the land-intensive pig farm in favour of less high stress the tight areas to the sow housing for many years. Piglet surpluses, which in addition be increased by increasing piglet performance are the result.

The total pig exports of Denmark reach the limit of 10 million pieces per year. In 2005, the export figures were still at 2 million units. A strong rebound was observed in the years 2008 and 2009 with a thrust of 3.8 to 5.3 million exports. In the following years the development was less stormy.

The years 2012 and 2013 were characterized by a period of consolidation . At that time a stabilisation trend indicated himself. The previous months of the year 2014 but again brought a strong upswing, which continued until recently. Increasing numbers of sows relating increases piglet productivity provided the basis.

Remains on the import side Germany of Denmark's largest customer, but the German share has shrunk by 90% in the early years on now 55%. In absolute terms, the German pig imports from Denmark is stagnating.

Additional Danish offer a large market in Poland found. Small-scale Polish sow housing is withdrawn under pressure from the pig and piglet prices significantly. African swine fever has delivered this year 2014 a powerful impetus. The industry has put in a strong process of adapting areas and sales problems with Polish pork.

Denmark supplies but also more piglets grant areas in South-Eastern Europe in competition to the Netherlands. However, the numbers not more strongly increasing.

The African swine fever makes considerably to create the Danish pig industry . Denmark has a self-sufficiency rate of 650%. A train of the disease would not only the livestock to the borders of existence of meet, but also the entire Danish economy. Importing countries are delete Danish exports for several years from the import list in the case of a disease.

Pig and piglet transporter must therefore not only after thorough prior disinfection and appropriate quarantine period continue until Danish Piggeries.  The effort is enormous. But Denmark has free for decades his reputation of disease to be expensive to defend. Fortunately, the access to the land and waterways are not too great and good to control. In comparison, Germany as a transit point open to all sides has hardly the possibility of systematic measures for disinfection and their control.

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