Dutch pig exports stagnate

Pig exports of the Netherlands with a focus towards Germany

Limited capacity of Dutch livestock on scarce surface sow housing compared to the pig is more competitive. On the Dutch pig farms has adjusted for years. The result is an annual pig surplus of approximately 6 million animals per year.

The period of annual increasing growth rates of additional 0,5 up to 1 million export piglets per year is however over. The total export in a stagnation phase gone with the year 2010 at the latest. The last two years 2013 and 2014 already declining trends show.

The countries of destination for the pig exports ranging to more distant import States from the border regions of Belgium and Germany. These include the Eastern European countries like Poland, Hungary, Romania and Croatia, as well as Italy.

2/3 of Dutch pig exports refers to Germany's rd. The numbers increased from 2005 with 2 million units per year to approximately 4 million animals in 2013. In the past two years, also here no further growth is to determine more.

The border Belgium imported a largely fixed amount of piglets at a magnitude of rd 750,000 animals for years.

Changing import figures for Poland are observed. In previous years, almost as many pigs as after Belgium were shipped to there, in the following years, it has become quieter. Recent figures, rise in essentially due to the swine fever, which has significantly damaged their own small-scale sow housing.

Romanian, Hungarian and Croatian pig imports from the Netherlands are with slight variations in the order of 600,000 piglets per year. The pig imports of these countries have increased in recent times significantly at the expense of Dutch exports after Germany.

Italy Pig imports pick up again recently, after keeping sows in the country significantly from been is increased.

The development of in recent years shows that the export potential of the Netherlands in the piglets has been exhausted for the time being. In the distribution, it's much on low-cost transport regions with above-average prices one allowance area. Germany has a big advantage here. However, also the piglet prices in market comparison of the weighted average must be.

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