EU-28 sow housing shrinks, remains but productive enough

EU 28: 22% fewer sows 3% more hogs produced

In the period from 2006 to 2015, approximately 3.5 million sows or 21.7% fewer sows are been held in the EU 28. Nevertheless the number of slaughter pigs has not fallen, but has still increased by 3%. Life end in loads of pigs in the EU are negligibly small.

During this period greatly increased the productivity of sows farming by breeding and keeping. Fewer losses in the rearing and fattening phase are added in addition.

But the development has not been equally in all Member States. The range extends from an almost unchanged sows herd in Holland to a reduction of 53% in Poland.

In Denmark , the pig of the pig piglet production was increasingly converted for environmental reasons. The additional pig reaches a size of almost 12 million animals are exported. Superior Danish piglets performance have led to a reduction of the necessary stock of sows rd 13% but.

In Germany , about 20% of sow inventories have been reduced. The lower stock size class for more when it came in the upper position sizes to sows have taken off. As the number of German mast sites has risen further, Germany was in the period from 2006 to 2015 to the Nettoimporteuer of approximately 11 million shares or 20% of piglets. Of which approximately 4.2 million young animals from the Netherlands and 6.3 million piglets come from Denmark.

France sow inventory was down increased 20%. The number of pigs has been reduced but only slightly.  Rising productivity has made the compensation.

Spain has the largest population in the EU Member States with 2.5 million sows. The number of females has decreased relatively little. The increasing number of piglets the remaining sows have enough that the number of pigs has increased yet. Spain appears to have potential to further improvements.

Holland sows stock has remained largely constant over the entire observation period. Until recently a significant destocking is noticeable. Growing pig performance lead to a net export of rd 6 million pigs. The exports stagnate in recent years.

Poland's small structured sow inventory was more than halved for profitability reasons. The Polish pig farms is shrinking. The former surplus area became the grant area. Meanwhile, each year nearly 4 million piglets from Denmark are transported to Poland.

In Italy , the sow housing as a result of the productivity increase of 9% was restricted.  The reduction of breeding animal structure means that Italy has become a net importer of piglets in a range of less than 1 million animals.

In the other EU Member States , the sows attitudes to 28% are withdrawn in the average of the countries concerned. These include in particular the Central and Eastern European countries with problems of competitiveness.

The decline of the sow housing will proceed further, possibly with lesser acceptance rates, because the breeding advances are smaller.

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